Lack Of Awareness On The Hardware Trigger Behind

tags Window Curtain Hardware backwardness has been in existence for several years, it appears, like sanitary ware, is behind all know can not be resolved, which in the end what the issue is mainly recognize the value of spare parts, as follows:

(A) to attach value to the decorative hardware fittings

Hardware is an integral portion of door and window curtain, window curtain appearance of beauty is an crucial component of the requirements.

Some men and women consider that metal components can be employed on the line, poor aesthetics specifications, common low-cost, big crescent lock, window lock down bolt kind more. On the surface of decorative hardware specifications are quite low, this is a single of the aspects that impact development.

(Ii) lack of knowledge on the use of functional

Doors and windows hardware accessories in China remain unchanged for years, no new development, what companies to purchase what the market crucial functions most of the high use of imported hardware accessories, foreign-owned enterprises of numerous types of specialized hardware components and the different varieties, various performance emerging hardware accessories, we typically lock the two locking points, foreign production much more locks, divided into 3, four, six locks, hardware, doors and windows can improve function, you can create as slippery as the vehicle pulled folding of Hardware, due to the fact there are high-end multi-functional accessory to a multi-functional doors and windows.

(Iii) inadequate understanding of Hardware Safety

In 1999 a 15 typhoon Xiamen, thousands of trees were uprooted, electric poles, tower cranes were blown down, more than twenty seat curtain walls and windows had been not blown collapse, several sashes Hardware is not strong and due to the fact have been blown . Sash has four multi-point lock bolt, not disallowed. Simply because of the metal components do not seriously reduce the curtain walls and windows of the solidity and security straight impacts the good quality of curtain wall windows and doors, the safety and safety of the individual, so must pay specific consideration Hardware security.

(D) the effectiveness of door and window hardware accessories curtain walls lack of understanding of

Window curtain hardware accessories all recognize behind, but why did they create, some men and women believe, hardware, profits thin, not worth the investment, Additionally, too small investment in hardware can be carried out, so a lot of years no a single has a massive investment Hardware has also been extended to rely on foreign predicament down.

Hardware-grade profit is not high, but profits are not higher-end thin, we have studied abroad Hardware cost of foreign earnings accounted for 20% to 30% (not including import duties) but also a new short-term earnings Hardware higher. More importantly, do not neglect that China is a large country, China wants a year of wonderful large, such a large industry, with the grade of the very same level of hardware accessories, the cost to be reduce than abroad much more successful than the modest but really impressive.

Many big national reputation of some old hardware accessories factory gear, not advanced, plant tiny, poor management, numerous of the township enterprises, not from the Workshop open hand. To develop a new factory is to a huge hardware investments and foreign makers with each other can do a joint venture to set up factories in China, some domestic Business aviation parts factory, as the industry’s output is also modest adequate to eat, can be advanced gear idle higher-end hardware into the production should be no issue. In brief, to adjust the windows and doors as quickly as feasible the phenomenon of backward Hardware