Laboratory & Laboratory Apparatus


A laboratory is a place exactly where varied types of scientific research and experiments are performed. A laboratory is employed for observation and testing. The laboratory is discovered in schools, colleges, health centers, hospitals, analysis centers, investigation centers and so forth. This can be just a single area or a full creating equipped with all facilities to perform experiments. The laboratories are designed in such a way that depending on the topic of investigation, varied tasks can be performed like scientific experimentation or research, manufacturing of drugs and chemical compounds, collection of data and samples and so forth.

The science subject as a whole is a vast topic consisting of a variety of fields of studies, even though the primary categories are physics, biology, chemistry and health-related exactly where there is the maximum need for a laboratory and laboratory apparatus and equipments. Its a frequent fact that the basic requirement in a laboratory is the laboratory apparatus and equipment. No experiments can be performed or no research can be done in a laboratory with out making use of laboratory apparatus. The laboratory apparatuses are utilized for the duration of the experimentation process to collect data, to hold samples, to heat or mix solutions, to measure, and various other such tasks.

Based on the subject and the experiment, the laboratory apparatus can be classified as physics laboratory apparatus, biology laboratory apparatus, chemistry laboratory apparatus, medical lab apparatus etc. There are a large quantity of lab apparatus which are employed in each and every laboratory for each categories. When we speak about laboratory apparatus, we imply lab tools, equipments and help systems that help the user, be it the researcher or the scholar to carry out diverse experiments.

There are particular laboratory apparatus, made distinct to subjects. Like for instance, the common physics lab equipments are Ammeter, Voltmeter, Rheostat, Galvanometer and so on. Similarly, for Chemistry, the most widely employed laboratory apparatus are Alcohol Lamps, Evaporating Dish, Centrifuge, Calorimeter, Filter Paper and so forth. The hospital or medical laboratory apparatus are altogether different like as there are histology lab equipments, blood bank equipments, tissue culture equipments for healthcare associated experiments. Even so, there are certain frequent lab apparatus which are invariably necessary in each sort of experiments in a laboratory like a microscope, balance, beaker, flask, petri dish, safety equipments, tripod stands, test tube, and so forth. Apart from these, a laboratory also consists of filtration equipments, cooling apparatus, lab consumables, mixing equipment, heating equipments and so on.

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