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The beauty of glass since time in memorial, has been treasured for its transparent, translucent and sparkling qualities. Light, vibrant and clear it is a product of selection in the building and motor sector.
Apart from its sensible use in architecture, glass has usually had a decorative appeal and function. By its very nature, glass supplies a mirror into the world and creates an atmosphere of clarity.

For window film makers who have been mastering methods and skills to manipulate a variety of substrates, glass supplies the perfect chance to create window coatings that can turn any piece of glass into a high performance solar and security window

The nature of glass
The reality that glass is such a versatile product signifies that it can be employed in numerous types and structures. Glass with film attached can be shatterproofed, tinted,reflected frosted, clouded, coloured, and sandblasted into various designs and uses with the use of Klingshield’s variety of window films. Appropriate for cutting, etching and engraving, glass is utilised to create lovely and eye-catching window graphics in different sizes to suit a consumers price range.

Yet another feature of glass is that it is reusable and recyclable and for this purpose is a user-friendly solution

Glass signage choices
For many years designers and architects have carried out extensive analysis to transform plain glass into designer and pattern glass with the use of self-adhesive window films, which has grow to be extremely popular with decorates planet wide

Also becoming really trendy in the decorating world is vinyl film substrates in a variety of colours to add to the style appeal, These glass signs can be very easily mounted onto walls and structures making use of thick stainless steel bolts as fixers.
Interior and exterior glass

When used in interiors, glass creates an atmosphere of space and light. When used on exteriors, glass applied with reflective film can give a building a modern day and higher-tech appear.

Disadvantage of glass without having window film
Windows are the weakest hyperlink in your office ,property and auto
Klingshield’s distinctive variety of self-adhesive window film is applied to existing glass to develop a much more amenable functioning and living environment.
Solar Film

Throughout the summer season months, windows permit the heat in, causing intolerable rises in temperature, discomforting glare and fading. Air conditioning costs grow to be prohibitive and personnel efficiency drops.

In winter, energy consumption rises sharply. Heating offices, factories, warehouses, shops and properties becomes very high-priced certainly and however much of this precious energy is allowed to actually “fly out the window”.
A entirely successful remedy to these problems is supplied by the application to all glass of Klingshield Solar control window film. Ranging from clear to tinted or reflective finishes, our film is suited to most environmental circumstances.

Security FILM
In any constructing, at any moment, windows can shatter no matter whether the lead to be explosions, violence, natural disaster, riot attacks or terrorism. The results are always the identical i.e. sharp fragments of broken glass injuring persons, and causing harm to house.

Our variety of Security film laminated to glass, tremendously reduces the threat of extreme injury from flying glass.

Consequently, we are able to supply an economical strategy of turning ordinary glass into higher performing solar and security glass.
Events throughout the globe have proved the vulnerability of enterprise premises and cars for the duration of unrest. These attacks are also normally directed at shopfronts, doors, windows and invariably prove incredibly pricey and typically disastrous.
It is a horrifying truth that terrorist bombings are becoming a lot more frequent worldwide, and totally with no any warning. In an urban scenario most injuries are triggered by shards of flying glass. These travel more than great distances at tremendous speeds causing terrible injuries.

Even though an explosive device may not be placed in your developing, a close blast will blow out windows, glass doors and show instances more than a wide region. surfaces. http://klingshield.co.za

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