Kitchen Hardware Standardization To Promote The Orderly Improvement Of The Business

tags Lately, from the China National Hardware Association Secretariat understands that the China National Hardware Kitchen Hardware Sub-Technical Committee of Standardization Technical Committee to develop a “deep-water fiefdoms leakage” national regular has been by way of a review of another, “sanitary ware: shower with the shower,” ” Sanitary hose “and other requirements are also implemented this year. At this point, kitchen solution standardization project has taken a solid step forward.
Residence life as a functional space, kitchen, bathroom occupied region is not massive, but a collection of cabinets, appliances, and plumbing equipment and other products, but also brings together water, electricity, fuel and other power sources, a higher degree of integration , for supporting the production demands for the standardization of goods is quite higher. China cabinets, kitchen bathroom goods and Technology Fair (CIKB’10) Organizing Committee Minister Li mentioned: “More than the years, kitchen products, non-regular production, resulting in duplication of the design and style, construction and other waste of sources, restricted, as nicely as supporting projects the development of housing market has caused widespread concern in society. “
“Given that 2006” Residential Overall Kitchen “,” R as a whole bathroom amongst “considering that the implementation of sector requirements, the Chinese kitchen sector and downstream organizations have accomplished a lot of function to market its implementation and improvement.” CIKB’10 Organizing Committee Minister Li , mentioned: “At present, building organizations and manufacturing enterprises, enterprises and kitchen decoration enterprises, enterprises and kitchen cabinets electric companies, have attempted different forms of docking activities to promote the implementation of standards and the entire business chain integration.”
CIKB as a kitchen organization “transactions, exchanges, creating buddies,” an essential platform, for the duration of the exhibition in 2009 organized a ” ‘kitchen goods and hardcover residential’ Forum and the kitchen project demand details hardcover publishing and fair” and “chef electric a single technologies (Shanghai) summit, “and other higher-end activities, China National Hardware Association executive vice president of stone monk orchid, the National Federation of Industry True Estate Chamber of Commerce executive director of Zhang Xue-Zhou, China National Hardware Association Branch Chairman Shao-produced gas-fired appliances, such as participation, and invited to the China Developing Normal Design &amp Investigation Institute Chief Engineer and kitchen GB Editor Ma Yun-yu, China Furniture Association, the professional kitchen Mu Yong, secretary common of business leaders, as effectively as China Vanke, MACRO, Vantage, Boloni, South Korea and other enterprises Hansen representatives of the in-depth exchanges and market the industry docking and extension has aroused wonderful repercussion in the business. Of Shanghai Federation of Industry True Estate Chamber of Commerce, Vice President and Secretary Common Shen kotzschau praise: “activities to the improvement of organization and manufacturing enterprises to give face to face communication and negotiation of the bridge made a win-win results.”
CIKB’10 Organizing Committee Minister Li mentioned that the regular kitchen design and style, implementation and improvement is conducive for the industry to develop a better atmosphere for improvement. For those “opportunistic” company, simply because the previously ignored the technologies, gear, personnel and other elements of developing and nurturing, product good quality and service technique becoming tough to meet standards. Market, improve the access threshold, the majority of firms are realizing that the market place pressure, CIKB’10 will be supplied to market a platform to market China’s Kitchen &amp Bath industry toward standardization and maturity in the international industry much more competitive.
It is reported that in 2010, CIKB will stay at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, time is September 28-30. “CIKB’10 The main location is ‘export-oriented’ and ‘international’, kitchen standard system implementation and improvement, as effectively as kitchen merchandise, standardized production, for the Chinese kitchen of fantastic benefit to enterprises to expand the international industry.” CIKB ’10 Organizing Committee Minister Li said: “CIKB’10 as a professional kitchen platform, the joint sector organization with authority will organize a series of thematic activities to market the process of standardization kitchen, it is our duty.”