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tags In current years, Cupboard Sector developed rapidly, but nevertheless not sound industry management, trade disorder. Modest workshop-style “factory” family members style “factory” developed no intelligence of such unique items cabinets, they are by cutting corners, shoddy, etc. cabinet manufacturing inferior products, resulting in a massive quantity of toxic and hazardous supplies blend into a single, seriously harm the interests of customers. In reality, the survey identified that numerous referred to as ” Environmental protection “The cabinet does not really comply with environmental standards.

Not too long ago, the National Federation of Skilled Committee of the Executive Chairman of Yaoliang Song cabinet in an interview about when the cabinet concluded that the consumption environment of customer acquiring cabinets, you may possibly encounter five significant dilemma. For these issues, Yaoliang Song mentioned the cabinet is a complete environmental idea, far from becoming a “Formaldehyde is not excessive,” can cover, and there are a lot of other non-environmental variables.

Problems (1): chemical pollution into the invisible killer In addition to formaldehyde

outside the cabinet could also exist within the hazardous substances benzene, radon, etc.. In addition to panel, there are cabinet panels and stick Glue Need to be connected to remedy, to ensure that the content material of harmful substances are not exceeded.

Miss Lee who lives on the author, Haizhu District, stated she not too long ago tested some of my new home renovation, the result is extremely surprising. Throughout the renovation, purchase of Property Supplies, all dealers have told Miss Lee, who used components are pure green. But Miss Lee professional test outcomes only to locate the new property decorated a lot of of the indicators of residual harmful gas is nonetheless above the standard. Particularly the kitchen, formaldehyde exceeded 3 times 4 times of benzene exceeding. Testing agency told Ms. Li, the chemical pollution of the kitchen cabinet installation is also a lot of, also close, in addition to her choice of cabinet quality tests, also contributed to the Decoration pollution An additional serious cause.

Expert suggestions: Market place, there are some inexpensive cabinets, quite appealing to shoppers. These economical cabinets is poor with most of the Plate , Which is extremely vulnerable to the circumstance of excessive formaldehyde.

Cabinet high quality depends largely on the quality of the material, tiny factories producing cheap cabinet reason, in addition to easy external processing gear (not to mention the small factories and even what type of gear), the most crucial is the price sheet. Such as a higher-high quality sheet is a poor price sheet numerous times the cost, some up to many occasions. Tiny plants many workshops to advantage in order to minimize costs, use of low-grade sheet, which not only infringes upon the interests of customers, but also seriously affected the healthful improvement of the cabinet business.

Problems (two): tough to avoid physical injury

Supplies, poor workmanship cabinet, there may be glitches in the detail office, angular, fast mouth and so on, some of these with no a reasonable deal, it is effortless for people, especially young children and causing bodily harm. Straight handle food in the cupboard, table high quality issues may have brought on the incorrect use of impurities, debris, and so on., are also hazardous to overall health. To stay away from these problems, we need to use high-high quality Hardware Components, selecting panels and tops.

Baiyun District, Ms Wu has lived at house get in touch with the hotline, stated she not too long ago spent more than 20,000 yuan to get a green brand cabinets, but the use of the procedure, she found that not only external cabinet drawer from the front with Handle Open the drawer with the appropriate and left also left the cabinet strip connecting the sides, therefore, can be pushed out from the side to open the drawer, it is quite easy to crush a child’s small hands at home. Yet another low angle of both the counter cabinets sharp and hard, household members can simply bruised soon after the sidelines.

Professional suggestions: Hardware on the cabinets can be mentioned that overall the most essential element of the kitchen, it has a direct effect on the overall quality of the cabinet, based on years of expertise in the development of foreign kitchen, hardware, cabinets distinction among excellent or poor has turn into an critical indicator of great or poor , domestic cabinet makers still lack of attention to this.

Cabinet door switch thousands of occasions to thousands of times, created difficult to meet this requirement hinges, custom cabinet so when buyers have to be willing to commit funds on this point. At present most of the use of domestic-produced cabinet hardware, primarily to reduce costs to decrease rates for buyers. Some of the solutions will be clearly marked excellent brand cabinet hardware employed in the brand, or mark the price of diverse grades, so that customers have a selection.