Kesha?s Outfits As Crazy As Lady Gaga


If Lady Gaga is nicely identified for her distinctive clothing which are so strange and monstrous, the younger singer Kesha is not quite different with ragged style and odd make up. As an American pop singer, rapper and songwriter, she started her singing career at the age of 18 when she was signed to Dr. Luke’s record label and publishing firm. Even though Kesha has been a musician considering that 2005, her profession truly developed in early 2009 when she appeared on Flo Rida’s number one particular single, “Appropriate Round”. She also released the initial single “Tik Tok” in late 2009 and first album “Animal” in 2010. Both of them have developed new waves in the American music market. Let’s look at the images below to see how crazy the singer’s style is:


Kesha wore a strange Indian headpiece, leather suit and sky higher black heels when she appeared at the MTV World Stage Video Music Awards.


Kesha usually paints her body with showy colors. She has been nicknamed ‘Baby Gaga.’


Kesha wore a weird tiger-head mask. Was it a strange attempt to promote her debut album “Animal”?


Wearing up to three of the low cost watches at the very same time, the singer even painted her lips with blue to match 1 of the garish wrist wreckers.


Kesha disguised herself as a tiger on the stage.


The Tic Toc singer is now renowned for her crazy outfits.


Kasha wore ragged clothes when recording the new clip


Kesha typically performs with skeletons. The singer’s stage props are nearly as horrifying as her outfit


The 23-year-old singer went to parties with the terrible head of a doll. A lot of individuals wonder why she did that.


Kesha painted into her face even when shooting for fashion advertisements




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