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tags 2005 , HC360 HC net toy channel editor interviewed Beijing Toy Association executive director, Kaleidoscope lovers, Sony ExploraScience was awarded the “Chinese Kaleidoscope very first particular person” Mr. Li Hongkuan.

Kaleidoscope artist Hong-wide Hong-wide production of the Kaleidoscope Into Mr. Lee Hong-wide studio, eyes were instantly attracted by the kaleidoscope of various shapes. These are usually playing when we have been youngsters, playing with the kaleidoscope it? Bear in mind hc360 toys HC network channel, after on the “diabolo” the contents of the interviewed Mr. Lee, when he did not mention a kaleidoscope, in the finish what kind of chance, let him aside diabolo, turning the kaleidoscope of production and study? With these inquiries, HC360 HC network editor started toy Channel interview.

HC Network: You utilized to be chairman of the Committee Beijing diabolo, when you are turning to produce a kaleidoscope of?

Hong-width: Diabolo Committee President I would have to Yin, and a single older, and physically a bit powerless, and I had the surgery final year Tuiyou Secondly I feel that the reputation of diabolo in Beijing has been doing effectively, and I am in the diabolo side do have carried out, and absolutely nothing far more possible to be, and also the so many individuals younger than me a snack, carrying out something with the.

Reality, I created a kaleidoscope has been a lengthy time in the past did not take it seriously, and handful of outward display of over nine years of the initial folk games, I had a little exhibition of performs . 2005, 9,10 months, ought to be invited to participate in the Sony ExploraScience kaleidoscope exhibition, learned of the creation of domestic kaleidoscope nearly a blank, in particular, saw the dazzling kaleidoscope of Japan, the all of a sudden feel the responsibility to shoulder, believe of a kid utilised to play, so familiar kaleidoscope, the original can have such a fantastic, wealthy change, considering Chinese men and women are so clever, you truly want to playing a kaleidoscope to, undoubtedly not worse than other individuals, so there is an notion I want to with these of domestic The exact same people who really like to organize themselves together for the lead to of the domestic kaleidoscope to do some thing.

HC Network: Kaleidoscope originated what age?

Hong-width: On the kaleidoscope of history, accepted theory is: 1816 by a Scottish physicist David? Buerside invention, stated that he was a beacon light to adjust the time, in order to play longer or brighter lights of some, the in this goal, sometimes stacked among the glass after the 3 outward, he discovered a alter in scenery outside, he told his side of the folks located in a mass 10, 10 pass 100 … … Later on, some sensible man took 3 glasses fixed, made of a cylinder, some colorful, flash paper into a cylinder, with the refraction of light generate symmetrical patterns, rotating cylinder, which will continue to mix patterns, modifications in infinite . This point is named the very first “Tv” in British society as a popular new toy. Later, that is, right after three years, according to the museum’s curator of Japanese kaleidoscope Nobita additional to say, this point initially introduced to Japan in Europe and then into China.