Jowls: What are they?


Jowls are a technical term for the fullness along the jawline a lot of people see as they age. Nancy Etcoff, author of Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty, tells us that the universal sign of beauty is a taut jawline. Nonetheless, with aging, the jawline can create areas with dips and bulges, which can be unsightly and undesirable.

Anatomically, the bulge noticed along the jawline is called the jowl. This is generally a collection of fat, descended soft tissue, skin, and muscle which has descended with age. In front of the jowl is a dip, which is also known as the pre-jowl area or pre-jowl sulcus.

Many patients wonder why this develops. With aging, the quality of the tissues adjust. Tissues which were when tight such as skin and the deeper structures, are now looser and much more relaxed. The much more these tissues unwind, the more they can descend along the jawline. Gravity will logically causes these tissues to descend downward, causing a lot more fullness along the bottom of the face and significantly less at the best. The dip in front of the jowl, termed the pre-jowl sulcus, is believed to be the result in of two aspects. Very first of all, as we age, we lose bone along our jawline. This bony loss leads to a more pronounced pre-jowl sulcus with age. In addition, there is a ligament known as the mandibular ligament, which connects the deeper tissues of the face to the jaw. This ligament causes the difference amongst the pre-jowl and jowl location to be accentuated.

So what is the very best way to treat jowls? “It really depends on the severity of the jowls and the underlying lead to of the jowls” Chicago facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anil Shah. “A assortment of approaches can be utilized based on every single patient’s targets and anatomy.”

“Jowls which occur at a young age, may be addressed with a facial filler” says Dr. Shah. “It may possibly appear counter-intuitive to place much more filler in an location, but by adding volume in the pre-jowl location, the difference among the dip and the bulge is lessened. Radiesse is created up of calcium hydroxyapatite, which is basically an injectable bone. Generally, Radiesse is the filler of decision due to obtaining excellent longevity and can be placed straight ontop of the bone.”

“Some jowls can be liposuctioned as well. The portion of the jowl below the jawline can be aggressively addressed. Nevertheless, the portion of the jowl inside the face usually is addressed a lot much more delicately. The tissues of the face are not as amenable to liposuction as the tissues of the neck. Liposuction physically removes some of the descended fat.”

Nonetheless, a facelift is considered to be the gold standard for removal of jowls. Facelifts can reposition the descended tissue to a more youthful configuration. By putting the descended tissue back “up”, the fullness beneath the jawline can be enhanced and the patient can have a much more youthful configuration to the jawline.

Dr. Shah also adds that in some individuals, the dip (pre-jowl sulcus) is so prominent, that a formal implant is the ideal option. A chin implant enables the shape of each the chin and pre-jowl location to be improved, producing a much improved jawline in some patients.

General, jowls can be treated by a range of tactics, at times requiring a mixture for the greatest final results.