Jinhua City Will Invest 29 Billion Yuan To Market Hardware Business Transformation

tags 2009 in Jinhua City, 29 billion yuan industrial investment and to fulfill the above, by way of technological innovation, technological innovation, vigorously market industrial restructuring and upgrading and enhancing capacity for independent innovation. Persist in higher-tech, advanced applicable technologies to upgrade hardware measuring tools, light textile, creating supplies, food, medicine and chemical and other conventional industries, accelerate the implementation of a quantity of investment and industry connected degree, high technical level and good marketplace prospects focus on technology reconstruction project, the principal technical gear attempting to reach a major domestic level. Bottlenecks to accelerate market innovation and break

Existing Jinhua business faces severe challenges, the industrial structure is low, little, scattered, not the total edge major industries, the substantial mode of growth, lack of core technology, a huge quantity of urgent need to get rid of backward production capacity, and other accumulated complete competitiveness is not strong structural, and additional highlights the good quality of contradictions. General, the existing structure still Jinhua Textile , Hardware, Meals , Creating materials and other common processing business primarily, equipment manufacturing, not the total high-tech industries, accounting is not higher, items with low technological content material and low added value, in the low-end chain, worth chain, low independent innovation capacity weak. In spite of the higher-tech enterprises in Jinhua City

from much less than 200 in 2005 to 320 in 2008, even though the proportion of above-scale enterprises is also elevated in 2008, has reached 7%, but the quantity of higher-tech organizations are still biased significantly less. Currently, over 90% of city business are labor-intensive enterprises, equipment level is not high, backward technologies, anti-risk capability is weak.

“The basic way out of this circumstance is to accelerate technological innovation, and accelerate the pace of financial transformation and upgrade.” Municipal Financial Commission, the official stated, in order to boost industrial transformation and technological innovation, in certain, must seize the existing , the province to expand investment, introduction of major business restructuring and rejuvenation program possibilities, packaging and reporting on key projects and operate for more projects to enter the national, provincial important projects of the plate, throughout the year and strive to break up 100 million yuan for funding.

According to statistics, the city has been declared by the municipal financial commission hole in the 28 key national projects, with a total investment of 32.45 billion yuan declare one hundred provincial important projects, with a total investment of 22.3 billion yuan integrated in the provincial technological transformation Project 25, accounting for 12.5% of total quantity of projects across the province, the province ranked third.

Grasping the “number 4” to promote transition

A lot more than about 29 billion yuan of industrial investment, the city this year will emphasize “four group” project: Very first, a quantity of projects, namely, organization and implementation “of billions of technological transformation and market transformation” project, and one hundred provincial-level new item improvement and technologies innovation project, to promote the implementation of a lot more than 200 investment 20 million yuan industrial transformation and upgrading of essential industrial projects, the implementation of provincial and municipal details technologies projects for more than 30 Second, reserve a number of projects, as for the central, provincial Budget funding, focus on advertising the library building project, the total emission of a number of huge investment, high technology, market major role, able to market industrial restructuring and upgrading of industrial investment projects and significant crucial, generic technologies study projects , the different stages of the project libraries were established to track progress of the project Third is to market a number of projects, this year will focus on advertising industrial transformation and upgrading of 100 crucial industrial projects, completed and commissioned a lot more than 50 4 is the introduction of a quantity of projects, speed up the key investment projects ground up to generate.

2012 contribution rate of 55% of the tech

It is understood that technological innovation to enhance investment in Jinhua City, promoting industrial upgrading in the path of financial transformation, the path has made it clear, 1st of all is to accelerate the improvement of Electronic Information and other high-tech industries. In accordance with the important breakthrough, leapfrog development and to master the core technology with the principles of industrial base in our city, highlighting the improvement of Communicate And network gear, biological and New Medicine , Electronic components, instruments, new Power , New materials, software program, services and other industries, accelerate the implementation of a quantity of high-tech industrial projects, foster a number of high-tech enterprises, the development of hi-tech industries.

At the very same time, strengthening the technical transformation of conventional industries. Jinhua City has already set to persist in higher-tech, advanced applicable technologies to upgrade hardware measuring tools, light textile, building supplies, food, medicine Chemical industry And other conventional industries, accelerate the implementation of a number of investment and industry connected degree, high technical level and very good industry prospects key technological transformation projects, mostly technical gear attempting to reach a leading domestic level. Encourage enterprises to make use of existing plants, the land or through the elimination of backward production capacity to make space to carry out technological innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries via new benefits to scale new improvement. Established under the Jinhua City

financial transformation and upgrading of industrial objectives and specifications, to the contribution price of science and technology in 2012 to attain 55%, huge-scale industrial R &amp D expenditures accounted for Sell Revenue to attain 1.five%, and new product output rate have to be more than 18%, higher-tech industries, gear manufacturing sector accounts for an important added worth, respectively, compared with 26% and 32%.