Jiaxing, Hangzhou Owned Favored Hardware Machinery Market Cluster Substantial Geographical

tags “Right now, Hangzhou and Jiaxing actually is no distance, specially with Haining, Tongxiang, and so on., can be said to ‘Zero’. Our organization is relocated to the general from Hangzhou Heshan Town, Tongxiang City, industrial regions, initially thought to move rivers and mountains soon after the town is facing a recruitment difficulty. did not anticipate that all current workers are fundamentally gone along. “

Specific Machinery Gear Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Eric was in Could 2009 as a whole moved to Heshan Town, Tongxiang City, so far, basic manager Xu Wenkui talking about moving items, has also been really fortunate.

In truth, such qualities as Eric fought in Jiaxing-Hangzhou-funded enterprises have several. According to the Bureau of Jiaxing City, Jiaxing on the Yangtze River Delta to the specific investment study shows that in 2009 the Yangtze River Delta area has 412 investors to invest in Jiaxing, a total of 358 registered enterprises, of which 146 investors from Hangzhou, 133 registered enterprises property.

Hang-funded enterprises lead the Yangtze River Delta Capital

Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Sector, according to Director Li Zhouliang that results from the investigation viewpoint, the complete Yangtze River Delta area to investors, the largest quantity of Jiaxing city three Hangzhou, Shanghai and Shaoxing, Hangzhou, investors come from 146, from Shanghai, 77, 39 from Shaoxing, the three together accounted for 63.six% of the total number of investors a total investment of 760 million yuan, accounting for the total quantity of foreign investment Bacheng.

“From the market perspective, Hangzhou investors, compared with the past, there have been some alterations in the previous may possibly be the result of Hangzhou ‘receding two three’ policy of advertising a group of two production project steadily shifted to nearby Hangzhou and Haining, Tongxiang, etc. way, investors are now increasingly concerned about Hangzhou, Jiaxing from three production projects. “It is understood that Li Zhouliang also specifically to the investment market, Hangzhou investors extracted for further evaluation, the 133 Hang-funded enterprises in the 3-company 73 , b-company 60 enterprises are mainly distributed in Haining, Tongxiang City, South Lake District and three.

Pro Hang Hang Cheng Industrial Park, owned the 1st

“This close to the Xiasha, fantastic place and transportation situations. Tokushima wins along the expressway from Hangzhou east, on to about the city on the edge of higher-speed Xiasha exports.” Why start with the financial option of investment Haining Lianhang District, Zhejiang Outlet Mall Xu, general manager of the East with wonderful self-assurance that, after Xiasha, Linping through the subway, Shanghai-Hangzhou passenger line in Haining, Yuhang station, crowd speedily gathered.

Lizhou Liang mentioned, from the survey circumstance, the Yangtze River Delta, Jiaxing investors to invest in the enterprise, settled in the industrial park is relatively concentrated, there are 197, accounting for 55.% of registered capital of 1,398,785,000 yuan, accounting for 91.7%. Similarly, as the improvement of Hangzhou urban financial circle mature, more and a lot more enterprises are phase Hang industrial park inside the metropolitan area, specially near the industrial park in Hangzhou.

According to Haining Hangzhou Economic Zone Administration Committee with party and government workplace director Xu Bin, at present, only with the introduction of the financial zone of Hangzhou Wahaha, integrity package, West Lake in Hangzhou Heavy Industries and much more than 90 enterprises, accounting for scale enterprises in the region 82 %, mechanical and electrical gear, meals, packing company into key industries. In the initial half, with Hangzhou Economic Region in the province at the Fantastic Hall of the investment environment and projects that market the collective contract, in a single fell swoop to sign star Tools Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, Zhejiang Jiangwan Jian Hardware Co., Ltd., 11 projects with a total investment of over 1.six billion yuan.

Some townships in Tongxiang Pro Hang Industrial Park Hang-funded enterprises have been as popular. Heshan Town, deputy mayor in charge of business, Xu stated that their Pro Hang Hang industrial region more than 30 enterprises have settled down.

Hangzhou, Jiaxing cluster sources into a favorite

Jiaxing block the expanding economic prosperity, much more and a lot more invested enterprises favored by the Yangtze River Delta. Benefits from the survey see, This year, several investors the income to pound some of the specialist market in Jiaxing, specifically clothing, leather, wood furnishings, etc. block economic or industry cluster which attract the most obvious effects, such as leather Haining attracted 27 items, textile production, wholesale and retail enterprises, with a total registered capital of 17.13 million yuan Tongxiang attracted 21 textile, knitting, processing and sale of fur clothes manufacturing enterprises with a total registered capital of 14.12 million yuan Jiashan attracted 21 Wood furnishings, textiles and clothing and metal machinery business, with total registered capital of 220 million yuan … …

In significantly less than a year, Heinisch village on the floor of the seven-Hangzhou-funded projects, projects involving zipper, clothing, house textiles, textile machinery, with the promise of these are closely linked group village home textiles sector. As djeke zipper, won “Hangzhou renowned trademarks” is moved from the port Peng Xu Lane industrial blocks.

Lizhou Liang said, sector groups, “magnet” successful there will be more conducive to the future economic zone, Hangzhou city, the industrial layout and the complete Yangtze River Delta, will also additional strengthen market clusters. This is also the city of Hangzhou and the Yangtze River Delta economic circle integration of spontaneous integration of a state of financial integration and issue mobility.