JB Transport: Technology Overview

tags We’ve been seeking pretty intently at some of the developments in the technologies of the railroad in order to get a far better grip on the notion of freight transportation and what goes into rail transport. The substantial history of the railroad, its sporadic development and dynamic evolution, is a testament to the ingenuity of man and, if we appear closely sufficient, we might even get a peek at the roots of what has allowed for the development of some civilization and the demise of other folks. There is one thing profound in the exploration of ordinary histories that is telling of each the faults and victories of humanity. Sorry to get all philosophical here, but this is freight transportation were speaking about, and right here on the pages of the JB Transport weblog, freight transportation actually gets our motors turning, for lack of a better cliché. Now, without having additional ado, lets get back to the history of rail transportation and by extension the history of freight transportation in common and at large.

Final month we investigated the early history of rail transportation as it pertains to the development technologies that birthed our modern conception of rail transport. Now, to say that the progression of these developments was slow would be to miss some thing important. More than the course of contemporary time, the uprising of this kind of technologies, the capacity to transport huge quantity of freight more than vast distances, is one thing that is extraordinary in scope and even much more outstanding when you consider the relatively brief time in the history of human improvement that it has taken to develop such technology. Next week we’ll look further down the line and explore some later developments that actually cemented the mode of transport as a reliable approach and a something that would alter the course of history as we’ve come to know it.

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