Jalapeno, chicken and waffles, beer with bacon: nano-ice cream from Michigan

Jalapeno, chicken and waffles, beer with bacon: nano-ice cream from Michigan

Jalapeno, chicken and waffles, beer with bacon: nano-ice cream from Michigan

“Jalapeno Shot,” “Chicken and Waffles,” “Dark and Light Guinness with Bacon,” “Grilled Corn” are all the names of the innovative ice cream that is served in Michigan. And yes, people buy it. Because, strange as it may sound, it turns out to be quite tasty.

Nano-ice cream, presented at the Frankenmuth Farmers Market, is created by Dietrich Bronner, a chef from Frankenmouth, the tourist center of Michigan, known for his love for bright and extremely unusual dishes. “As long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to do something normal, simple or boring,” says Bronner in an interview with M Live, adding that ideas for new flavors come to him every day.

Co-founder of the Frankenmuth Farmers Market, in May 2017, the chef began to make and sell ice cream , which he himself calls Cream of the Crops. Striving for the most responsible production, he communicates with suppliers directly and uses only local ingredients to reduce the risk that at least one of them will deteriorate until he gets to the place.

Dietrich Bronner started his gastronomic experiments with ice cream with rhubarb, poppy and lemon lavender. Later the range expanded to “Chicken & Waffles (Yes, We Did!)”, Which includes breading for the chicken from the popular restaurant Zehnder in the city. “I thought it would be fun to use things that do not fit together in one ice cream,” Bronner comments.

Also on the menu there is “Super Macho Nacho” ice cream – with the flavor of nachos chips and caraway seeds. “Dessert and the truth is surprisingly similar to nachos,” says one of Bronner’s loyal customers. “But on cold nachos.” And somehow sweet. ”

The cook admits that recently he has become noticeably more customers. But they ask for more normal tastes (in a sense more suited to ice cream), which causes Bronner to slightly change the culinary mystery vector. On the way, for example, the original, but still quite traditional (much more traditional, let’s say frankly, than bacon) ice cream with carrotpopcorn. “Sweet and spicy, with pieces of popcorn and a stunningly fragrant carrot pie as a base,” – describes Dietrich dessert, which he now works on.

Dozens of new tastes come from? The cook-experimenter has an excellent answer to this question. “It’s very simple. Ice cream production is an entire universe, and I just study it every day, “he says. Now portions of ice cream Cream of the Crops are sold at the Farmenmuth Farmers Market at $ 3 per apiece. Bronner does not like to do the same thing twice, so when the taste is sold, it can not be obtained even on special order.

Dietrich adds that his most popular product at the moment is ice cream, inspired by a donut. Well, and bacon, which was liked by absolutely everyone who tried it. “Bacon was really good,” recalls Bronner. “When people tried it, all their emotions came down to one thing:” God, no, he could not do it. ” But I, nevertheless, did it. ”

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