IVR Servers from Telesoft Technologies

tags The interactive voice response server (IVR Server) remedy is perhaps 1 of the most important current advances created in communication technologies. IVR servers are a excellent signifies for reducing the operational expenses inside any firm by way of minimizing the need for human interactions with customers. For example, banks can present their clients with all the account data they require without really putting them by way of to a reside operator. If in the starting, IVR servers were employed mainly by call centers, today the number of applications of IVR servers is virtually limitless as this technology continues to evolve and contain far more and far more features.

The OKEFORD Media Platform, presented by the nicely established Telesoft Technologies which entered the Indian industry more than 5 years ago, is amongst the pick handful of IVR servers that are used by the largest organizations throughout the planet for a wide variety of applications. A wide range of options, from payments and service orders to even workforce management, can be handled in a protected and secure environment by means of utilizing IVR servers. In India, the OKEFORD Media Platform is by far the most deployed remedy, at the moment serving in excess of 120 million mobile subscribers. The OKEFORD Media Platform is a core network interactive voice response server that has higher efficiency attributes such as the 500,000 busy hour get in touch with completions and optical STM-1/OC-3 interfaces generating this IVR amongst the a lot more strong of IVR servers available on the market.

Telesoft Technologies is present with its IVR servers in all the 22 mobile service location circles of India and operates with the largest buyers, such as TATA, Aircel, Uninor and several other individuals. Throughout the country, Telesoft Technologies has performed practically 100 installations and now serves more than 123 million subscribers. Also, the quantity of announcements created every day exceeds 190 million. The conventional troubles encountered by companies operating in India, such as obtaining to assistance mixed GSM and CDMA networks and the requirement to assistance multiple languages for consumer interactions are all properly supported by the higher quality IVR servers presented by Telesoft Technologies. Telesoft Technologies also has a huge install base of IVR servers in the United States, beneath the not too long ago purchased Cognitronics CX Series media server brand as effectively as the OKEFORD Media Platform brand, functioning with many of the biggest operators to offer network announcements and enhanced worth added solutions for end customers.

Among the large number of solutions that all consumers making use of IVR servers are in a position to advantage from, some of the most important include pre contact announcements that are attainable ahead of a get in touch with is ever placed, but also self care solutions for clients, balance checking, info, news and entertainment services. The IVR servers that are being provided by Telesoft Technologies are suitable for a consistently escalating range of applications, and the advantages for all companies that implement this solution are quite notable.

GSM service providers that use pre paid mobile leading-up systems for buyers can accomplish considerable income increases through employing IVR servers which supply, among numerous others, the following advantages:

– aids decrease the size of the get in touch with centers but also the costs related to multi-lingual employees needs – makes it possible for for a quickly paced infrastructure expansion, with the possibility to add ten to fifteen million new subscribers every single month – improves all round consumer satisfaction and reduces churn prices by permitting extremely higher peaks in get in touch with volume without causing long waiting instances.

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