It’s As Simple As Altering a Light Bulb and Other Lies


When I was 15 I obtained my driver license. My father told me with a auto comes duty and I needed to take care of my car. The 1st step was to understand how to change the oil. It took me about four hours to alter the oil the first time. I by no means did it again. Alternatively I tutored my close friends in math and science in exchange for them changing the oil in my automobile.

I loved math and science in higher school and my early college years. Then I found computer systems and application. My passion shifted to computers and software when the Laptop Science program was introduced at my University. My passion has not changed because, though the technologies continue to adjust. The most recent revolution in technologies is Social Media. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the massive 3 with YouTube as a close fourth. Of course Google is now a staple in everyone’s lives as nicely.

Just final week I overheard a person explaining social media to a colleague and they stated it is “as effortless as altering a light bulb”. The other factor they talked about is how quickly every thing goes viral. Possibly the simplicity of communication amongst Net pals employing the massive three has cast an illusion that all types of social media are straightforward and rapidly. Nevertheless, if you have been to ask a person how significantly cash social media has brought in for their company, you may get a puzzled appear. Not simply because they do not understand the query, but due to the fact they have no concept how to do it. Mention individual branding, article advertising, professional networking, blog marketing and ecommerce on the Web and most people’s eyes will gloss over.

Utilizing social media for enterprise is not like changing a light bulb nor does it happen overnight. However, it does perform.

A couple of days ago I took my niece and her baby of 3 months to the airport in her vehicle. She had driven five hours to devote a day with us and then was flying to see her mom for a handful of days. I noticed her headlight was out so I thought while she was gone I would alter it for her. The evening prior to she returned I stopped by an auto parts shop and bought a new head lamp. When I got house I looked up how to modify it on the Internet. I could not find a YouTube video so I had to settle for written instructions. About an hour later I claimed victory and jumped into the vehicle to test it out. The head lamp was nonetheless out. I figured it must be an electrical problem so I took the automobile to the shop the subsequent morning. A handful of hours later the mechanic called me and I could inform he was struggling to hold back his laughter. He explained there was practically nothing wrong with the electrical wiring. The problem was that I had changed out the high-beam lamp and it was the low-beam lamp that necessary swapped. I will stick to computer systems!

When discussing social media and your company, never adjust the wrong lamp. Seek professional tips and even expert solutions. This allows you to remain focused on your business and advantage from the social media revolution.