“It was greed, not hunger”: a story of incredible weight loss Doane Dawson

"It was greed, not hunger": a story of incredible weight loss Doane Dawson

“It was greed, not hunger”: a story of incredible weight loss Doane Dawson

What should happen to a person who is obese , began to lose weight? First, he must realize that he needs it. And yes, we can not but agree that sometimes this is enough to start acting. But most often, however, one awareness is too small. The heroine of our current material is 38-year-old Dawn Dawson, who began to lose weight after her father died of cancer, allegedly provoked by excess weight.

As reported by Mirror, the first to tell the story about this amazing weight loss, Dawson’s maximum weight was 180 kilograms, which made her wear the 32nd American size (70th Russian – prim.red.) However, the woman was clearly not one of those whose set weight was associated with hormonal changes. Simply because her diet, firstly, it was difficult to call normal in terms of the quality of the products, and secondly, every day she ate and drank 8,000 calories. Dawson herself tells that almost always burgers with bacon, soda and sweetswere on her desk .

Friends and the Doe family were afraid that one day she would literally eat out to death. Fortunately, nothing like this happened. However, death in one way or another influenced the woman’s attitude to food – everything changed in 2014, when her father died of cancer at the age of 61 years. An additional factor was that doctors told Down: in their opinion, the deadly disease in the case of her father was provoked by obesity.

Diet before:

Breakfast – four sandwiches with bacon

Lunch – fried potatoes and chicken (or, again, four sandwiches)

Dinner – meat (pizza or kebab), chips

Snacks – chocolate bars, donuts, eclairs, chips, burgers

It is this, Dawson admits in an interview with the publication, that made her look at her life from the outside. “I ate so much that I developed type 2 diabetes, I did not want to let go of the cholesterol level, plus I regularly took painkillers to cope with the discomfort that gave me my own weight,” she says.

Doane thought that if she continued in the same spirit, she would surely be next. First, she took a course on conscious nutrition, learned to cope with compulsive impulses and, it seems, finally ceased to perceive high-calorie food as a remedy for all problems. With her own strength, she managed to lose 40 kilograms, and in August 2015 she joined the Slimming World community for additional support and motivation.

It was greed, not hunger a story of incredible weight loss Doane Dawson 2

By November 2017, Dawn Dawson’s weight loss could be considered complete. She managed to do the impossible, and she proudly changed the 32nd size to the 10th (48th Russian – prim.red.)  “The loss of my father was the kick that I missed. I thought before that if I did not stop eating, I would die. But, as it turned out, I never thought about it seriously, “- she admits.

“I often think to myself: how did I not find myself in a hospital with such a regime? For me it’s a mystery. And this thought invariably frightens. I do not know how long I could have done it. I remember how I ate until my stomach started to hurt. In addition to basic meals, I secretly snacked two or three times a day to feel satiety. I ate everything that was in front of me. It was greed, not hunger, “Dawson continues.

Diet after:

Breakfast – fruits and yoghurts

Lunch – fried potatoes with tuna and salad

Dinner – grilled meats

Snacks – fruit, fitness bars, jelly

The woman says that she began to lose weight not because she was afraid to die, but rather because she was afraid to leave her children, as happened with her and her father.

“Only now I understand how much excess weight has limited my life,” says Down. – I hated being on the street. I could not even go to the park with my children, because I was ashamed. But now I can go with them to the park, to the attractions, anywhere. Now my children have a mother, and not just my father, my husband, who did all these things with them before. “

Of course, after such a massive loss of weight, Doune Dawson has a lot of excess skin left. But in March 2018, it was surgically removed, which allowed the transformation to be completed.

“It was of great importance. Including for my relationship with my husband . Now I have much more confidence in me, and in our relationship – much more romance, special dates and tenderness. My husband Yang is sure that I’m incredible. He tolerated my hysterics when I had to give up chocolate , and was there when I was doing an operation to remove the skin. But I think that one of us is really incredible, so it’s him, “concludes Dawson.

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