Is there a cure for Cancer and why can not they discover it?



Cancer has turn out to be a major dilemma in the industrialized world and for numerous years we’ve been told they are on the verge of producing a major breakthrough in discovering a remedy. Science has spent billions of dollars on research and everybody is hopeful that the lengthy awaited remedy is just around the corner.


Regrettably the reasons why they have not discovered a remedy for cancer is since it is a deficiency disease and it’s not achievable to remedy a deficiency illness by utilizing a drug or a chemical. The only way to overcome any cancer is to address the deficiency which first caused it and that will not only eliminate the growths but will make sure it never ever returns once again. The reasons why cancer very first appears is due to the fact the body is deficient in certain vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients which have brought on our immune system to weaken and let cells to mutate and reproduce out of handle.


In the past there have been other illnesses which have been brought on by deficiencies and these have never ever been cured by healthcare intervention but have only been brought below handle by addressing the deficiency. Scurvy which is a vitamin C deficiency is very easily cured by eating meals containing the missing vitamin. Rickets which was typical in the 19th century is a lack of vitamin D and can also be brought below handle by obtaining some sensible sun exposure or taking a vitamin D supplement. Cancer is the same where the body is missing numerous of the components very easily located in our freshly grown and unprocessed organic meals.


What causes the body to be deficient to bring on a diagnosis of cancer is established to be modern living, specifically with our highly over processed food, and a lot of other food products we consume now days that are unsuitable for human consumption. Cancer has other contributing elements as properly but the meals we put in our mouths has a main influence on the disease.


What to do if somebody is dealing with the difficulty and the most successful way to overcome the disease without it ever returning or spreading is merely change your diet program and consume meals that supports human life? Other alterations which are crucial are receiving a small exercising and be careful with all these toxic chemical substances we use every day. They do impact us. Straightforward adjustments like this will get rid of cancer growths quicker than any treatment supplied by our mainstream health-related system.


The human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself offered the correct situations and a genuine remedy means respecting the laws of Mother Nature and living as we are supposed to. By performing so will strengthen the immune method and it really is our immune system that will eliminate the cancer safely and permanently.


You will be surprised at how nicely your body can respond to a strict diet regime of our all-natural food due to the fact the most effective way to beat or avoid cancer is to take away the motives why it 1st grew and enable the physique to heal. It performs for everyone.



There is no mystery about the causes of cancer if you want to live cost-free of the disease we should consume reside meals, which is meals in its organic state, eat in moderation and take sufficient exercise.