Is The Sea Of Modern day Technology And Gear To Attend Vocational Education Improvement


The Ministry of Education, Department of Adult Education Vocational Education and approved by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Education and Adult Education Department, the Chinese occupation Technologies Education, organized by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, China Institute of Vocational Education Vocational and Technical Education Equipment Skilled Committee, China Institute of Vocational Education Teaching material Operating Committee, China Educational Instrument Gear Corporation host the “Seventh National Vocational Education and teaching of modern day technology and gear exhibition,” 27 June 2009 to 30 in the Tianjin International Exhibition Center. The exhibition in the education administration departments, industry associations, enterprises and institutions associated to the sturdy support, has turn into the field of vocational education gear, the biggest expert exhibition, the exhibition website, almost 30 domestic popular enterprises, Vocational schools and vocational education as a national enterprise equipment, bridges, HC Education Network tracking report in the exhibition’s grand.

Are sea-stand [HC Education Network with plans]

Is the sea of modern day enterprises (Sea of modern enterprise original length) is designated the Ministry of Education develops, manufactures higher-tech equipment, modern educational technologies company worlddidac (worlddidac) members, China Education Business Association. Is a analysis, improvement, manufacturing, Sell Service as one of the large enterprises.

Have a group of outstanding industrial design professionals who are extended-term education and learning, has introduced a new notion, expressed through the industrial design and style education to discover new approaches, new suggestions, to develop sophisticated, smooth lines, vibrant colors, workmanship, business-major merchandise.

Shenzhen is the sea of contemporary laboratory gear Co., Ltd. (former mayor of Shanghai, Shenzhen Modern day Laboratory Gear Co., Ltd.) is a professional R &amp D manufacture a full range of all Digital , Language learning method network Simultaneous Interpretation Education Technique all digital simultaneous interpretation method, the International Conference on Enterprise. Business brings collectively a number of years of study dedicated to language finding out, language teaching wants are familiar with method style specialists, pioneering a new mode of language studying, created business-top all-digital higher requirements, higher functionality, powerful language understanding series gear and Digital audio and video merchandise. The organization has a group of proficient embedded systems, BSP program, multimedia and networks, high-frequency digital technology, electro-acoustic devices such as outstanding experts in the embedded method architecture, OSI underlying network interface technologies, digital audio and video streaming media control transmission technologies has created a quantity of groundbreaking scientific research, and has identified a number of national intellectual house rights, has been fully applied to items. 2 digital voice finding out program projects have been approved by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education to contain teaching gear 2003 new goods, new technology improvement plans trial production of ten.

Changsha is the sea of modern day laboratory gear Co., Ltd. (formerly Changhai Changsha Contemporary Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd.), is to develop, manufacture specialized laboratory equipment business, items cover education, scientific analysis, health-related, health, quarantine, commodity inspection, bio- , Pharmacy , Meals, chemical, petroleum and environmental protection industries. Has a number of laboratory ventilation, water, electricity, gas, environment, preparing and design of outstanding engineering and technical personnel to offer the particular requirements of diverse sets of service customers Solutions . And has a group of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, water provide and drainage, and other types of professional tradesmen on the building team. The firm also has a group familiar with the management of modern day enterprise management, the establishment of automated details management program for item manufacturing, to offer users with the best expense-efficient items.

Is the sea of modern day enterprises (Sea of modern enterprise original length) in Changsha, Shenzhen to construct research and production base, the thick plot of Hunan Changsha culture, science and technologies Talent Positive aspects and Shenzhen details, logistics, manufacturing, electronics market that integrates geographical benefit, the enterprise’s all round strength has greatly enhanced. Is the sea of contemporary education is toward the improvement of greater quality service, perfect answer, more reputable goods target producers go all out.

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