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tags GPS Genuinely open to the general civil use of time, only about ten years just before the project, but as the relevant advances in technology, size and weight are substantially decreased, you envision it? Early GPS receiver requirements at least two Talent To move the dynamic, functional now less than many. When we opened the mystery of GPS, the GPS must be applied to comprehend the present planet, you can have a decision basis.

Numerous countries in Europe and America, GPS has become a consumer electronics solution, like as the popularization of home appliances, all to do outdoors Travel Activities, will believe of employing GPS to boost the safety of leisure, it is worth men and women to understand, picture boost personal security equipment, decrease accidents, that is, lessen the social charges of mobilizing rescue operations, so the concept is optimistic, it is worth education. I feel, although the GPS is an electronic product, will continue the enhancements might also reduce the price, just as the exact same personal computer, so many men and women will hold the sidelines, expect to wait to own that the best time to get, but have overlooked the importance of security items can not acquire a lifetime very best, most ideal, but life can not destroy any deadly, we love nature, even to recognize the greatness and power of nature, far more a security aids, the more all-natural continuation of our organization of the time.

Fundamentally, the existing improvement of GPS receivers can be categorized as follows:

1. Army regulations certain category. two. Measurement and Sources unique class.

3. Ship-specific classes (chart kind and fishing explorer).

4. High-end aviation? Hazy poured Post stack??

five. Portable aviation receiver. 6. Leisure applications and transportable handheld receiver.

7. Module receives veneer (no display).

8. Complex multi-function receiver (such as GPS + Auto Navigation , Mobile phones, radio transceivers, and so forth.).

In the mountain places, the most applicable in the case of the sixth class of GPS receiver, though he is just a much less than 300 grams Apparatus , And most reasonably priced receivers, but contains many of the technologies:

1. High-frequency signal receiver and Resolution.

two. Against electronic interference. 3. Signal reception sensitivity. four. Waterproof shockproof capability. 5. Hardware and software compatibility and stability issues.

6. Application user interface of human design.

7. High quality Test , Testing and logistics service capabilities.

Component of any of the above are all higher technical capabilities, complete testing equipment and accumulated expertise, to produce a high top quality GPS receiver. When we pick the GPS, we must consider these factors, there are words to describe: to purchase the rest assured that with the peace of thoughts.

How to select GPS devices Already locked to the receiver of our species, with regard to the circumstances applied in Taiwan to filter:

1. Chinese display mode of operation (the current machine has been introduced in Chinese, but when personal wants may possibly be).

two. With earth coordinate technique MapDatum): With out this function, the positioning coordinates out, will not mix with the general map, the error for nearly 900 meters, this is extremely critical.

three. Has the latitude and longitude and Transverse Mercator projection coordinates with sub-second time coordinate technique display, as the two coordinates to show the most commonly utilized in Taiwan.

4. A destination record (WAYPOINT): 250 points or much more, the a lot more the better.

five. Have the track record (TRACKLOG): at least 1,000 points or more, the a lot more the greater, increase in the mountains of applications.

6. With a single point of navigation functions (GOTO): the need to stay away from the lost function.

The above conditions, the standard choice for the components, and so when you choose the GPS receiver to your mind, you can prepare Haohao De let him play.

How to Quick Begin Get when you decide on a GPS receiver, if the Chinese mode of operation is a very good, if the English interface, coupled with the current quantity of GPS receivers have turn into extremely important significantly less probably to produce many queries men and women: so few buttons, how to play and set all the features? In fact, if you don’t forget the most essential and basic database of GPS: destinations (WAYPOINT), from right here on the right. Most GPS receiver in accordance with the present mode of operation and the style requirements, we recommend you get began finding out the methods and points are as follows:

1. The energy on and off the screen Light Switch.

2. Institute of the receiver to modify settings, and words in English, Arabic input mode.

3. To uncover out which station the receiver’s “fundamental function”, the receiver’s pre-determined value of the following items do alter: Unit (Unit): unit utilised to modify your representation, such as metric units (Metric) the earth coordinate system (Mapdatum), coordinates the display format (Positionformat): Use latitude and longitude coordinates show zoning or second degree.

4. To comprehend regardless of whether the receiver is turned on, need to have to enter the reference point to do the initial set (Initialsetup).

5. Institute of destinations (Waypoint) The establishment and removal.

six. Institute of Navigation function (GOTO) the opening and stopped.

As extended as you stick to the above methods and focus on their personal action or inquired Sell Staff can rapidly and appropriately use your GPS receiver purchased. In the author’s encounter in just using, if you can use to do various functions driving knowledge, is the quickest and most impressive way.

Broad application of the infinite Introduction to this, the use of GPS and interest, I am certain you have some idea of access to GPS in your region, you have to also want to know there are those who apply it! In truth, the use of GPS measurement level can be divided into grade-level positioning and navigation measured level is what we typically call geodesy, positioning accuracy needs for the public Classification , Although the navigation level positioning accuracy is a few meters or tens of meters in part, can be divided into aviation, marine use, leisure use, military use and return of application systems, navigation, and we reside in a much more relevant, of course, navigation-grade items, and is now booming, the most diverse solution places:

Mountaineering leisure use: pay focus to light, easy, rapidly positioning.

Sea only: with the sea map, even with the fisher explorer, big screen display.

Aviation unique: built-in the principal