Interview: Everyone can manage the climate now

Interview: Everyone can manage the climate now

Interview: Everyone can manage the climate now

Interview with the head of the retail sales department of climatic equipment company “Moscow Engineering Center” Roman Efimov.

– Good afternoon, Roman, summer is approaching, hot days are about to come and, therefore, we want to ask what is new and interesting in the market today to create a comfortable microclimate in the house?

– Good afternoon!

Yes, indeed, we are all waiting for a hot summer and now is the time to make your apartment more comfortable. Our company offers its customers various options – we represent on the market both commercial and semi-industrial, and household climate systems. In more detail, I would like to dwell on household systems, since they are intended for installation in small rooms, for example, in urban apartments, country houses, in small business centers.

The climate market today offers a wide range of equipment, so it is worth deciding for yourself which parameters are most important for you. It is worth paying attention to such characteristics as energy efficiency, cooling capacity, long service life. No less important is the parameter, such as the noise level of the air conditioner – few people pay attention to this, but I want to note that during operation the noise produced by some models can be very unpleasant and an irritating factor.

Ð?лимаÑ? в доме

All of us want to get a high return on cold / heat output with minimal energy consumption, which will allow us to save money and create exactly the environment that we need for a comfortable life. In this case I propose to consider inverter air conditioners.

– And what is the fundamental difference between inverter models of air conditioners from conventional on / off split systems? What is the advantage? Can you explain the example of a particular model?

– The main difference is the principle of the compressor. The Dantex SPACE INVERTER air conditioner, for example, refers to inverter-type air conditioners. It uses a Japanese compressor, and in order to fully comply with Russian conditions, the air conditioner also provides various compressor protection. In the event of a short-term power failure, the compressor will resume its operation only after 3 minutes after the renewal of electricity supply, which will save its life.

Ð?лимаÑ? в доме

In the inverter-type air conditioner, the cooling capacity of the compressor is adjusted smoothly in a wide range, for example from 600 W to 2.5 kW, thanks to the variable speed of the rotor of the compressor motor.

If the air conditioner of the on / off system operates at maximum power from the initial room air temperature to the set temperature from the remote control, the split-system of the inverter type, reaching a certain temperature close to the set one, will reduce the power and continue operating in an economical mode.

It is also worth noting that, due to work with low performance, inverter air conditioners significantly lower the noise level than on / off systems.

– Does this mean that it cools the air more slowly than conventional air conditioners?

– No, and even more than that, inverter air conditioner will quickly cope with lowering the air temperature in the room for a short time. This is due to the work on increased power a certain time period, due to which the air cools faster. This characteristic is applicable for models with turbo mode.

– And the service life of the inverter air conditioner is the same as for the classic models?

– In the case of inverter air conditioners, wear is much slower – this is achieved by reducing the number of inclusions and shutdowns of the air conditioner – since the main compressor wear takes place in the first seconds of the start, more precise maintenance of the set temperature, and, consequently, the smooth operation of the compressor – resources inverter air conditioner.

Ð?лимаÑ? в доме

– Roman, with such characteristics, the price for inverter air conditioners should be much higher than for conventional models, is it?

– Yes, indeed, the cost of inverter split systems will be higher than split-systems on / off, but the initial costs can quickly pay off by reducing spending on electricity. Also, a pleasant bonus is the low noise level and the most accurate maintenance of the user-set temperature as compared to conventional air conditioners.

Therefore, it seems to me that the inverter air conditioner is the best choice with the best price / quality ratio.

– And what will be more profitable: to order an installation from a sales company or to contact a third-party company that installs split systems?

– In this case, the answer is obvious. It is better to pay a trusted company, for example, such as the Moscow Engineering Center (, which has been on the market for many years and has the appropriate certificates and licenses, than to save by choosing unknown companies that can cease to exist on the market at the most inappropriate time for you. In the latter case, unprofessional and unscrupulous work can lead to breakdown of the air conditioner and, as a result, you overpay for the repeated call of specialists and repair of equipment. It is also worth noting that third-party installation teams can not bear any responsibility for poor-quality installation, and you will unfortunately lose the warranty for repair in this case. A stable company is always responsible for the actions of its employees and provides warranty and post-warranty service for all installed equipment.

– Roman, thanks for the exhaustive answers!

– Thank you and I wish everyone a hot summer and a comfortable microclimate!

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