Interpretation Of Bowling To Create State


Lately, bowling Bao Bio Technologies Center by the National Improvement and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, Finance, Basic Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation jointly identified as state-level enterprise technical centers. This completely shows the bowling Bao Bio Co., Ltd. as Function of sugar Sector technology leader in enterprise technologies strength, but also reflects the NDRC, Ministry of Science and other ministries on the bowling Po biological function of sugar industry of China Ltd. led the technologies innovation and technology improvement to attain the full recognition capabilities. Bao Bio

Bowling Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is led by state-level important high-tech enterprise, China Meals Additives Hundred firms, China Light Industry Good quality and efficiency of advanced enterprises, starch sugar sector 20 powerful enterprises, Food Security Demonstration unit, the state of public nutrition improvement project Prebiotics — OLIGO (oligosaccharides) production base, key provincial agricultural industrialization top enterprises, the Chinese Patent Star Enterprise of Shandong Province, “China attributes Sugar City” pillar enterprises, requires the lead as soon as by way of the ISO9000, ISO14001 and HACCP certification, import and export appropriate. Oligosaccharide, erythritol, and other top products internationally adopted common certification, the company functional oligosaccharide production capacity ranks 1st in Asia, planet market place share of 17%, 70% domestic market place share, bowling cards function Po sugar as “China Popular Brand” merchandise, “National Public Nutrition Wellness Advocacy” items, bowling Po trademark as “Chinese Well-known Brand.”

Decade chapter of Revolutionary Technologies for Spectrum

1997, the bowling firm and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Microbiology Po Cooperation Improvement of oligosaccharides in the 1st domestic product to obtain the industrialization of establishing the national “Ninth 5-Year” accomplished a significant crucial topics from the laboratory to industrial alter, the solution to fill the gaps, to comprehensive the first leap in technological innovation

1999, the Bowling Depot independent research glycosides process a number of Enzymes turn, greatly improve the productivity of Isomaltooligosaccharide, IMO900 variety Isomaltooligosaccharide solution once again fill the gaps to complete the internal capabilities Purification of sugar products improve by leaps and bounds, the second upgrading the market to accomplish oligosaccharides

2003 fermentation erythritol production, alterations in the domestic use of chemical and synthesis of the historical production of sugar alcohols, the solution once again fill the gaps, the third time to market industrial upgrading and restructuring

2006 was completed and Coca-Cola Pepsi’s technology docking, in order to stabilize the solution top quality and technical help capability of the supplier qualification and grow to be a model for Coca-Cola factory suppliers in Asia

2008, completed functions of galacto-oligosaccharide sugar technology improvement of new goods, the formation of a fully functional sugar chain and achieve item structure adjustment, when once again top the industry’s rapid development.

Commitment to national science and technologies projects, improvement of essential common technologies business

Firm has completed two nations, “Ninth Five-Year”, “15” important scientific and technological concerns, national high-tech industrialization demonstration projects, the State Torch System, the national science and technologies help system, technology demonstration project in Shandong Province, Two-hundred operates and other key projects, with 11 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements.

Over the years, bowling Bao Bio Co., Ltd. receives “as Gengzhe profit for the well being meals” core values, technologies innovation as the development of a robust driving force to maintain the enterprise explosive pace of development, as National Functional sugar leader, renowned at home and abroad Meals Ingredients Specialists. Bowling Bao Bio Co., Ltd. at the moment has a strain breeding center, functions candy incubator Raw material Drug incubator of national testing centers, application analysis center, details center, pilot base in investigation and improvement facilities, technical means and infrastructure tops in the identical sector major, built a major national technology innovation platform, formed a Technology Center as the core carrier of the fully automated assembly line items, technologies incubators and technology innovation technique outcomes in a rapid transformation.