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tags Searching at the domestic sanitary ware market place, international bathroom brand has occupied half of the nation, as the world’s leading bathroom organizations, whether in Management , Technology, brand constructing, and so forth., or in the Advertising , Channel integration and capital chain superiority is much more than the domestic enterprises, therefore making the sanitary ware marketplace in the subsequent few years the brand has turn out to be even much more fierce competition. However, at this stage coincides with the building of sanitary supplies of urban consumption great time, and Foshan, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Fujian, have formed a bathroom industry groups, this is the bathroom opportunity.

So, in this circumstance, little and medium enterprises should be how to deal with sanitary challenges? Is to develop its own brand, or “a wedding dress for other individuals”?? OEM production? Is to occupy a potential industry segments, or scramble existing marketplace? and bath dealers, how we approach these troubles? With these inquiries, I lately interviewed enterprises in Dongguan and bathroom sanitary ware dealers. Dongguan City in Guangdong Province, south-central, eastern Pearl River estuary, north of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, south adjacent to the bathroom, Foshan Industrial District, has a distinct location benefit. Right here both Marco Polo, Casio and San Ya-ware and other well-known brands, but also Wonderful, this Chi, Ka Hung Lung state and other popular brands. The author of these sanitary enterprises interviewed, summed up the brand development procedure and the following attributes:

Line sanitary ware brand “wall flower wall Xiang”
In Dongguan City, Marco Polo, Casio and San Ya-ware are initial-line brand. Marco Polo produces tiles and toilets, are independent brands Cascio is a Swiss investment in the bathroom brands in Thailand, the annual output worth of 200 million, in China Sell The items are mostly imported from Thailand and San Ya-ware is the Hong Kong-owned enterprises, but also agents of Finland and the United States, swimming pool gear. The 3 firms in the industry has a important influence, in addition to Marco Polo, the Casio and San Ya-ware in Dongguan is not higher local visibility.

Cause Dongguan Marco Polo attention to base camp, whilst Casio and San Ya-ware based primarily on export-oriented, high-end bathroom items go in the line. San Ya-ware are continuing to diversify, create specifications series of new product improvement, including higher, medium and low-grade solution. Casio’s sanitary merchandise are used in leading-level luxury, star Hotels , High-finish clubs and huge public projects. As the distinction between target customer market, enterprise improvement and channels combined with their own traits, and consequently the above two bathroom brand awareness of the marketplace in Dongguan is not very high.

Win second-tier market place, sanitary ware brand innovation
Line brands focus far more on high-finish market place, then the second-line brand marketing technique bathroom how is it? Local sanitary goods in a specific production business intelligence with regional representation, the factory has sophisticated production lines in Europe, is China Environmental protection , One particular of most power-saving water tank capacity, tank equipment, sales of tens of thousands of units per year. The company is mainly engaged in R &amp D, production Sanitary Ware And the water tank, with cutting-edge technologies investigation cooperation agencies sanitary and patented technologies, solution innovation quicker, from sanitary ware, water tank accessories R &amp D to style and manufacture of a one particular-stop process. The enterprise is accountable for the enterprises to the author about the approach of producing self-brand bathroom and attributes: The firm initially created

bathroom water tank equipment. In 2005, the company with the market place trend, combined with the final results of study abroad that the future of the sanitary ware market place, smart bathroom will be a trend as intelligent bathroom in the automatic flushing, seat heating, warm air dryer , water-saving elements of environmental and clean deodorant functional qualities, the business decided decisive R &amp D, manufacturing wise toilet. This item line launched, lengthy-term approach of enterprise improvement, sensible bathroom is also a trend in technological innovation.

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