Internet Television Application And Hardware License Issued 3 Separate – Web Television License, Hangzhou

tags appliance market, the Shanghai Media and Hangzhou, China last week, numerous media have also received Ruyuan
Internet Television
License. The 3 companies very first receive a license, will have the networking capabilities of the Television user video-primarily based Internet connection
. This also signifies that Net Tv production businesses and content providers a formal separation, some specialists think that previously the
Web Tv manufacturers to self-constructed content material web sites difficult to receive a license.

Producers speed the pace of

Final August, the State
Issued a “Television on the strengthening of the Net to acquire audio-visual system service terminal management issues notice”, was after regarded as the Internet tv SARFT “halt.” The current release of three Net Tv license, which means a formal legal Net content distribution, has been controversial World wide web Tv was officially recognized. Web Television can finally step forward.

Nevertheless, “in accordance with the present attitude of SARFT, previously self-built by the Television producers Internet Television content material web sites, and if you want to continue with further improvement, will face issues in applying for a license.” China
Video Business Association, stated the Deputy Secretary-Common Hao Yabin so. Some sector specialists have suggested that television makers and the connection in between content providers can follow
Manufacturers and the partnership amongst telecom operators, tv manufacturers are only accountable for sales with the hardware devices to watch Net Television, select Which content providers, complete freedom of choice by buyers.

Holding a license with the negotiations, even though content providers, color Television producers to take appropriate measures are taken to the Net Television industry.
Liu Hong, general manager of the new appliances that the present Hisense 40-inch television for far more than 80% have World wide web capabilities. And
And Changhong have been discontinued for far more than a 40-inch non-Internet Tv Konka announced final month cut-off of non-Net LED LCD Tv.

Final year, the World wide web Tv market share of two.12%. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce in the 1st quarter of this year, consumer electronics, workplace survey data show that consumption has accounted for key cities network Television 30% of the overall flat-panel TVs, network tv has gradually turn into standard functions and functions in the escalation.

Profit model is nonetheless not clear

Tsinghua Tong Fang Xiangdong deputy basic manager told the television reporter, Tsinghua Tong Fang has CNTV formed a strategic partnership, CNTV will Tongfang the content material of television to give genuine mass support. It is reported, such as TCL, Skyworth, Changhong, Konka and other vendors are also actively operating with content material providers have a license negotiation.

Sector that content material providers get a license to the 3 Tv businesses out of the bill is not cheap, easily a thousand million, so the enhance in this element of the investment organizations who ultimately “pay the bill” imply? Yang Dongwen, vice president of Skyworth Group, said the Web tv company models, no mature solutions. If you have not charged to buyers, organizations might be unable to guarantee that there are enough funds to assistance its investment in Internet tv content. China Media Network Restricted number of Li Yi Qing, president Referring to the cooperation with TCL, also mentioned each sides have not however determined the end the current mode of cooperation.

According to report, Tsinghua Tongfang and CNTV of cooperation, for the time being accountable for operations by the CNTV, in addition to advertising revenue, it will also supply some “worth-added solutions” such as pay-on-demand, Tv will Tongfang be portion of the redistribution of earnings. Even so, numerous buyers are paying for these services is still in doubt because of the Internet after television companies to introduce more of a Television playing “free of charge” card.