Internet Marketing and advertising Tools – How Many Responses Do I Want For a Survey?


I really get wonderful info from surveys…that is why I feel they are great internet marketing and advertising tools…but it is not rocket science when it comes to the number of responses I need ahead of I act on the data. There is not an exact number or even formula I can give you that says you need to have X responses back on a survey before you take action…or X% of your list needs to respond to the survey…or Y% need to have the identical answers for the survey to be valid.

Actually the numbers will differ based on a couple things-are you surveying your list or a cold marketplace? The size of your list will impact the numbers and so will how experienced you are at sending out surveys. Not necessarily in that order!

I like to e-mail my list with surveys…I have a pretty massive list and it is a actually responsive list, so I get a lot of excellent responses actually swiftly. But if you have a smaller list, or possibly a much less active list then it may take you longer to get sufficient responses to know this is the proper direction to move in.

To aid get the responses, specially if this is your 1st survey, I would send out at least 3 or 4 emails. Of course I would put the emails in your autoresponder follow up series as well. That way you get the inquiries out to your current list AND you also will get info from every person who joins your list in the future.

When you do that your survey is ever developing. Your data is continuing to grow with the details you get…there by no means is an finish to the details and the information will change and evolve over time.

I figure that from my list the information is pretty dependable because they are already connected with me, correct? We currently make some connection or they would not be on my list. So I may take fewer responses and run with an notion when it comes from individuals on my existing list. Even nevertheless, I would rather have 5000 responses than only 500…but I usually will cease at around 300 and then assess where I am…do I see a pattern currently, do I require to maintain going?

A little bit distinct if I’m surveying people who possibly are not on my list. I could be obtaining people to respond to a survey from a Google ad, or from Twitter or some other avenue. Frequently I can use these surveys for list creating as well as info gathering, which is genuinely cool, but when the information is coming from these colder markets I will want some much more responses ahead of I really act on it.

Still, survey numbers isn’t a difficult science and it actually is up to you. A single of the fantastic items about surveys is you can often send out yet another a single. You can refine the information you got. So take a survey and act-you can often refine it later.

Believe about it this way…will I have a much better picture if I have 5000 responses than 300. Confident. Will it be clearer information with 300 responses than say 30? You bet. Would 30 responses be far better than zero. Yes once more. So the number is up to you. Don’t get so hung up on obtaining to have a specific quantity of responses that it keeps you from acting on the info you get. Use surveys as web advertising and marketing tools to help you gather info and then act. Get some responses and get going!