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tags With modern day Education Technologies The improvement of big-screen projection has grow to be the school’s electronic teaching approaches employed. Nevertheless, can not Projection screen Cloth straight on the operation of the desktop Personal computer , Did not like the standard teaching writing at the screen on any label, so that Multimedia Classroom How much appear the use of imperfection. Side of the screen before the lectures are lectures, even though operating the laptop to be kept back on the table, not only the lack of interaction, but also affect the efficiency of teacher in the class. For such cases, interactive Whiteboard Came into being. The trouble for the other light projector industry over the years occasionally will, with the location of the speaker alter, the speaker into the eyes caused by direct injury difficulties in the short focal Projector Emergence have been effectively addressed. Interactive whiteboard and quick-concentrate Projector The emergence of the business launched a new wave of education, each with the utility right away.

2009 brief focal Projector Plus Whiteboard The match began to sweep the education market place, so there is this statement seems: short focal Projector + Whiteboard A decision of standard educational institutions. In reality, the education marketplace in the earlier projection screen in the field has been the largest industry. However, full year 2009, projection screen, seemed to live in the short focal Projector + Whiteboard This “perfect match” in the shadow of, and even some folks started to think that the projection screen may possibly be progressively Whiteboard Replaced, as a result the stage exit from the education industry.

As, “there will be milk, the bread will be there” as some would hope. With Technologies The continuous development of the end of 2009, known as interactive Projector The item began to increase advocacy efforts. In January 2010 in Shenzhen Fu Tian Huaqiang North, held Epson New conference, Epson unveiled to the participants on the interaction-primarily based Projector Teaching address Plan This right away aroused the concern of the majority of the participants. According to Epson the relevant personnel, the solution System A signal receiver box Pointer , Writing pens, and Epson Projector Composition. Resolved by optical interaction System Can be any ordinary user or even the white walls and curtains into an interactive whiteboard, by way of the hands of the pointer, writing pens can interact effortlessly operate. Right after the meeting, numerous participants get adequate to encounter at Huaqiang North Epson interactive museum encounter Projector Bring pleasure. This Plan The introduction of the great cost savings in user, the user will not need to invest huge price to obtain further Whiteboard This is no doubt the education business is a enormous innovation.

If, interactive Projector Effectively applications, which is no doubt the projection screen is a uncommon opportunity for development. Initial, with only the conventional Projector And the projection screen the user is, to switch from interactive teaching mode, only the replacement of Projector On it for is taking into consideration purchasing a brief focal Projector + Interactive Whiteboard Customers to enhance teaching quality, interactive Projector With a combination of ordinary projection screen will significantly minimize fees, and can get the identical interactive, why not kill two birds. Thus, with the interactive Projector Propaganda of the improve, future, interactive Projector Plus a mixture of projection screen might be a “excellent match.”