Intelligent House Appliances Will Become A lot more And A lot more Lazy Man? – Colour Television, Refrigerator, Variety Hood

tags Almost everything is achievable, as extended as you have enough imagination.
Scientific and technological progress has provided a lot more characteristics appliances, smart appliances become a lot more intelligent, science fiction has appeared in all the magic, now quietly about us. Capable “about time” Television, will sing the air conditioning, a refrigerator can watch Tv, wash clean and automatically cease the washing machine, microwave oven will cook their personal food, can see the DVD disc’s hood, to cooling water heater. . . . . . When much more and a lot more intelligent residence appliances, we will be more comfy life is not? When the appliance encountered 3C integration, cold appliances became vivid, our lives are gradually becoming surrounded by digital entertainment.

Television Television to a big extent changed the way people lived, even in the personal computer network raging today, television in every residence position, are crucial. Into the flat of the times, whether LCD or plasma, in addition to simply watch Tv applications to meet the function, there should be 1 or two special offerings Ideas to win people’s favor. Play games, we need to have the huge screen, watch the game, we want to replay at any time, even, and we hope multitasking, but also see sets of shows. As extended as there is enough creativity, you need to not miss the industry.

Aspect 1: “about time” not to miss any superb
LCD Tv with video recording function is the recent emergence of new products, Skyworth, TCL, Hisense, LG have been eyeing this feature. The traits related with sports in the Olympic theme of the matching function has been enhanced in the new color Television, recording feature permits sports fans to achieve reside playback at any time, pause and continue at any time.

Aspect 2: firmly discarded computers Streaming Television has a USB Universal Serial Bus interface, you can very easily connect digital cameras, digital camera, U disk, mobile tough drives and other tools, and read 1 of the digital video, audio, photos and other multimedia files, and Tv machine’s big screen presentation. Great convenience to close friends who do not have a laptop at home to get pleasure from the new digital life. Haier Group, 2004 Thoroughly understanding the company, and Haier in China, first introduced the first generation of streaming Tv. As the streaming media tv in advertising 3C integration, improve the high quality of family life has a exceptional effect, from 2006, like Skyworth, TCL, including the domestic colour Tv manufacturers have joined this camp.

Aspect three: “Picture in Picture” a single mind you
Picture in picture is the use of digital technology, in the exact same screen displayed two sets of programs. That in the regular view of the main screen, at the same time compressed into one or more vice-screen in order to appreciate the principal screen, but also get pleasure from the other channels. Vice screen can zoom in, you can make the main screen and sub-image on the screen about half and half, a so-named “two-window.”

Aspect four: “BT theaters” to the living room watching network movies
BT cinema technique had only watched the film on your personal computer by means of USB “transplanted” to the large screen LCD television, not only to accomplish a network tv show about a big Television from the pc to “migrate”, but also entirely to the customer from the hard benches, a tiny screen in “liberated” to the soft sofas and big screens.

Refrigerator Aspect 1: automatic reminder “that the grocery shopping the”
Electrolux refrigerator door refrigerator Screenfridge installed a touch screen that can show the quantity of food within the refrigerator, when a meals reduced to a specific extent, wise fridge will remind the owner, and by way of a network under the refrigerator Single-line retailer to buy. Thanks to the GSM and WAP technology, but also listening to the radio by means of the fridge, watching television, the Internet, send and acquire E-mail exchanges.