Intelligent Creating Management Technique Underground Garage Electrical Design


Abstract: With an instance, described the underground garage of intelligent creating management systems and their interaction interface, power provide and grounding design content.

Is a extensive creating of a mapping technology, multifunctional office developing. 19-story building on the ground, two underground floors, developing region 28803m2. Amongst them, two for the underground garage, a population, an export, lane width four.5m, four parking regions on each floor. The total area of 5579m2, 120 parking spaces. To the primary unit fixed customers, a tiny amount of temporary retail. No import duty, the use of CCTV monitoring, video intercom with a speak to with the toll booths. Export of artificial semi-automatic charging management. The design and style of the buildings by means of the underground garage on the east and west to the two openings to implement control, scientific management and out of vehicles, the completion of the automatic garage traffic scheduling, car security protection and enhance the efficiency of underground garage for the owners to create a secure, comfortable , convenient, high quality service, parking environment.

1 Style Principles A. Intelligent technique as a subsystem, garage management program ought to be able to implement the Pc Management. With access handle, safety patrol, lift, safety and fire alarm systems and monitoring the implementation of integrated management of linkage.

B. Smart card technology with sensors to improve automobile access control.

C. Optimize targeted traffic flow path, increase utilization of parking spaces, to the underground garage provides practical transportation.

D. Parking to meet the needs of various users, optimize charging management, use on / monthly card, prepaid card, card services, hourly, invoice receipt with the fixed.

E. Employing image recognition technology, to avert and get rid of automobile theft.

F. Technique operation is basic, straightforward upkeep, high degree of automation, and intelligent building LAN implementation of data resources.

G. Management of the garage gear supply AC220V power supply ought to be reliable, equipped with UPS (uninterruptible energy supply technique), the toll booths or the duty area ought to have clear power on breakpoints.

H. Equipment grounding technique is connected with such potential, and developing comprehensive grounding connected.

two underground garage of facilities management technique and workflow short

Management program consists of underground garage entrance test and manage vehicles, parking and vehicle display to guide the automobile image recognition, was on duty semi-automatic charging four sub-system elements. Usually gear which includes: population induction reader (automatic card, card reader, handle, automobile detection), “parking spaces complete” display, car counters, communications, video switch, video splitter, color cameras, ultrasonic detectors and controller, induction lights, intercom master, visual intercom, rotating alarm lights, UPS energy provide, personal computer, printer, export-sensitive readers (reader, manage, vehicle detection), charge card machine to read and write the quantity displays, cash register box, cease buffer.

Also includes a set of Windows as the operating platform, with genuine-time monitoring, device management, reporting capabilities, historical queries, parameter setting functions of the laptop management software and database systems.

When the parking monitor prospective individual, the vehicle population into underground garage, short-term parking customers need to have in the population office, pressing the button reader, automatic card reader remove the interim from the time sheets. Customers do not have this portion fixed. Automobiles confirmation card reader, image recognition systems capture images recorded car kind and license plates, deposited in a database management method, cease automatically open, cars parking garage.

Bank control program with the carriageway, parking guidance indicator displays and automobile parking spaces will be provided in a layer, a district, a specific precise info so that cars arrive in the shortest time parking.