Instructions: how to cook healthy kebabs

Instructions: how to cook healthy kebabs

Instructions: how to cook healthy kebabs

Red meat is perhaps the most controversial product in terms of health benefits and harm , which scientists constantly talk about. More attention than meat is given except that coffee, which protects against diabetes , then releases a potentially dangerous toxin , it does something else.

But we are almost certain that even obsessive conversations about the carcinogenic potential of red meat will not make you give up kebabs this summer. Have you guessed? That’s why we do not suggest that you exclude from your plans this particular summer pleasure, but we tell you how to reduce the risks when frying meat.

Recall that the preparation of beef, pork, fish or poultry at high temperatures can lead to the formation of chemicals that can provoke dangerous changes in DNA, increasing the risk of cancer.

“It may seem that the cancer is literally all tasty and pleasant,” says Catherine Carpenter, a nutrition expert and professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, HealthDay News. “But in fact, if you want to continue cooking meat on fire, you just need to know exactly how it increases these risks.” And then change habits a little, so that not only it is tasty to eat, but also long to live. “

Below are four expert councils that will help you prepare a healthy kebab as much as possible.

  1. Do not grill meat on an open fire. Spread the fire in one part of the brazier, and put the meat on the grate on the side where there is no flame.
  2. Turn the meat over. If you still fry the meat on an open fire, do not forget to constantly turn it over to reduce the impact of harmful chemicals.
  3. Cut the meat. If some parts of the piece are charred during roasting, cut them before serving, in order, again, to reduce the amount of dangerous substances that can get into your body.
  4. Add color to the plate. Be sure to serve vegetables or, if you like more unusual combinations, fruits. The purpose of this garnish is not only to make the dish more interesting and reduce the risk of overeating (rich in water, vegetables and fruit will fill the stomach, so you will not eat too much), but to add a healthy dose of antioxidants to the menu. The latter, we recall, counteract the chemical substances that cause cancer, and effectively protect the body cells from damage.

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