Initial 3 Quarters Of Household Electrical Appliances More Than 20% Export Development


This year, the marketplace demand and the effect of macro-control policies, China’s exports of light market continued steady development, good momentum of economic operations.

It is understood that the first 3 quarters of export delivery worth realized 800.1 billion yuan, up 23.4%, reduced than the 1.9 percentage points a year earlier. Exports continued to grow quickly. January-September exports of 140.four billion U.S. dollars accumulated, up 25.3%, growth rate 1.7 percentage points over the corresponding period imports 37.two billion U.S. dollars, an boost of 5.five% growth price over the identical period the previous year decreased by 21 percentage points attain

Trading Surplus 103,200,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 35.8%.

It is understood that the first 3 quarters exports light industrial products in 20 categories all the growth. Pulp and paper industry, light business machinery, furnishings,

Plastic Goods And other merchandise of export growth exceeding 30%, scales, house

Electricity Devices, chemical goods, light bulbs, food

Beverages , Sporting Goods, metal items, household goods, arts and crafts, day-to-day silicate,

Illumination Apparatus, Leather Fur Items and other products of export growth in more than 20%.

Items in 20 categories, imports a huge amount of 4 industries, the food and beverages (75.two million), plastics (59.6 million), pulp and paper (56.3 billion) and household chemicals products (four.24 billion U.S. dollars). Unfavorable development of imports of item category, the daily Portland (-37.4%), Scale (-25.6%), furniture (-18.3%), light market machinery (-14%), pulp and paper (-three.9% ).

According to reports, Trade friction Increased barriers to becoming more severe as the principal problems facing the light exit. This year, exports of light industrial items elevated trade friction, specifically in footwear is especially essential. Following the implementation of the EU footwear in China for one year “prior import licensing

Monitor “Measures, Nigeria, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, four-5 months in succession were also made on the origin of China’s footwear, travel goods and

Luggage Products, basketball, soccer, volleyball and other inflatable balls implementation

Anti-dumping Investigation or regulatory measures. In addition, the European Union on August 13 this year, started the “Waste Electrical and Electronic Gear Directive”, July 1, 2006 entered into force “on the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive restricting the use of specific hazardous substances”, on the refrigerator,

Washing machine , Air conditioning , Microwave oven, vacuum cleaners, irons, ovens, lighting gear, toys, leisure and sports equipment, light industrial products export a lot more than ten categories to create new barriers to enterprise improvement and export of products face significant challenges.

In addition, Exchange price Adjustment on the export of light industrial products had some effect, but distinct sectors, the foreign dependency is distinct from diverse effects. From the earlier stage of key industry study scenario, the appreciation of the RMB exchange price level of 2% on the market, despite the fact that the cause varying degrees of influence, but fundamentally in the affordable variety, adverse effects in a provided period

Digestion . RMB exchange price adjustments support to optimize the export structure, enhance exports

Competition Power, and market industrial upgrading, but organization normally expected impact of the yuan to appreciate more worried about, I hope shortly to maintain the RMB exchange price basically steady.

Improvement and Reform Commission forecast, according to the fourth quarter, exports of light industry development will be somewhat reduce. Light business exports annual development rate can be maintained at about 20%, an increase of 15% or more advantages.