Informations Systems: Is it Worth it?

Informations Systems: Is it Worth it?

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What are careers in details technique? How to get a job in data systems? What’s the difference among pc science & information systems? How to get an internship in details technology? What is the ideal certification to get for details systems?

00:47 How is the pay?
01:55 Do you make more than your friends?
03:30 Should someone get certifications 1st just before working?
04:40 What’s the initial certification you should get?
06:00 Distinction in between Information Systems (IS) and Pc Science (CS)?
08:40 Do either of you guys regret switching from CS to IS?
09:50 Was working at Geek Squad an crucial step in your profession?
11:50 Do old engineers get replaced?
15:00 Very best tips for an individual seeking for their 1st job
16:40 Very best way to network
20:30 Was functioning at Geek Squad as great as an internship?

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