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In computing, Inter-Approach Communication (IPC) is a set of methods for the exchange of data among numerous threads in one or a lot more processes. These processes could be running on 1 or a lot more computers connected by a network. For smooth functioning of enterprise computing applications in a large widely dispersed corporation usage of IPC components is must for data communication and data sharing. Portwell-Laxsons India Pvt. Ltd. is an Indo-Taiwan Joint Venture Firm between Laxsons India Pvt. Ltd. and Portwell Inc, Taiwan specializing in IPC merchandise and other applied &amp enterprise computing based goods like embedded computing items, DVR merchandise and industrial networking products.

IPC Goods:
The merchandise that support inter-approach and inter-application communication are identified as IPC products. These are the computing goods that supply exchange of information, information sharing within single personal computer program or multiple computers. As enterprise computing goods manufacturer, Portwell-Laxson gives greatest ranges of high top quality IPC computing goods including single board computer systems, Industrial backplanes, storage extension board, industrial principal board, industrial chassis and different power provide merchandise.

Single Board Computer systems:
Single board computer systems are comprehensive computer systems built on a single circuit board. With all features needed for functional pc on the one board, these computer systems are typically utilized in industrial conditions for method manage or embedded inside other devices to provide manage and interfacing. At Portwell-Laxsons we specialize in offering PICMG single board computers in distinct versions of 1.three, 1.two, and 1. with availability of backplanes offering virtually any slot configuration which includes legacy ISA assistance. Our PCI single board computer systems are Pentium® M/Celeron ® M processor based half-sized PCI SBCs available with VGA, LCD, LAN and Audio.

Industrial Backplanes:
Industrial backplanes are circuit boards that include sockets or expansion slots for connections to other circuit boards. At Portwell-Laxsons, we have both active and passive ranges of industrial backplanes available in distinct specifications like PICMG, PCI and ISA. Active backplanes contain bus control and motherboard circuitry but do not include processor complicated components such as the central processing unit (CPU), chipset, or cache. Passive backplanes contain circuitry for bus connectors and, in some situations, buses and drivers. The PICMG 1.two backplanes and PICMG 1.3 backplanes presented by us are the most generally preferred varieties of active backplanes available in the market place. When it comes to active backplanes our PICMG 1. backplanes we supply them with wide range of slot varieties to satisfy diverse slot needs of the customers. The PCI backplanes and ISA backplanes available with us add to our ideal ranges of passive backplanes that come in 3 to 14 slot range.

Extension Board:
At Portwell-Laxsons we excel in providing extension boards which SCSI extension modules with OmniPCI connection interface. The storage extension board with high connection interface is offered with us for Intel Pentium four processor primarily based SBC. This storage extension board with higher connection interface is accessible in compact size with proprietary PCI connector for piggy back or board-to-board connection. The one particular-port Ethernet extension board and two-port gigabit Ethernet extension board varieties accessible with us make up the list of most sought-right after varieties of Ethernet extension modules.

Industrial chassis:
Also recognized as pc case, laptop chassis is the enclosure that includes most of the elements of a laptop normally excluding the display, keyboard and mouse. When it comes to rack-mount chassis, a wide continuum of 1U to 6U industrial chassis is available with us to suit your diverse chassis specifications. Our industrial rack-mount chassis are the 1U, 2U, 3U,4U, 5U, 6U rack-mount cases that are feature rich, properly cooled, and ideal for diverse high density rack installations.

Not only these, we also offer you high quality major boards, power provide merchandise like 1U PSU ATX energy supply products, 2U PSU ATX power provide products, PS/two PSU ATX energy supply products, universal input open frame power supply products and numerous much more IPC items which you just need to name.