Induction Electronic Lock Method, There Are Nonetheless Some Troubles


Into the 21st century, inductive IC card (also called non-contact IC card) speedy technological development, a new generation of induction-type IC card technology primarily based on Intelligent electronic locks have come into getting. As the induction intelligent electronic lock in the course of no mechanical contact, no friction, they are capable to minimize the proximity cards and wise wear electronic door locks, decreasing the failure price of wise electronic locks.

 But the induction intelligent electronic locking system has some difficulties nonetheless exist. In the safety area demands to be resolved is to prevent illegal copying and proximity cards with non-standard implies (such as tools aside, skid, smoke, and so forth. with a sturdy magnet) lock, and the lock ought to have a certain resistance to external harm potential. In order to prevent the induction card is illegally copied, normally with a sense of every single card are encrypted just before leaving the plant, diverse users use the identical password for every single other. Card management computer software is also password protected to avoid unauthorized folks from employing non-legal card issuing management software program. As a result of 3 anti-lock dial lock cylinder, when the laboratory door is closed, the door lock is pressed against dial, automatic lock master lock and can not be brushed aside or open the tool. Other motor-driven clutch physique with anti-strength magnetic pull functions, and the lock on the front door without having any Luo nails exposed, can be dismantled and anti-drop.

 Induction intelligent electronic lock technique reliability is also really important. Now you can from the hardware style and application design and style to boost each the reliability of the system integrated. In terms of hardware, use the principal processor PIC16F73, has a higher anti-interference ability, like internal RC oscillator with an independent “watchdog (WDT)” circuit, flying in the plan to run automatically when the CPU reset, restore normal operation crucial information stored EEPROM write protection utilizing hardware measures to avert data loss by the interference make full use of SMD components, strict screening of aging, to make sure component top quality in PCB layout location, a series of measures to increase anti- interference.

 After almost 5 years of use show that the experimental center experiment developing intelligent electronic lock method of inductive applications show that the system functions in hardware and software, safety, reliability, low power consumption and so have the fundamental intelligence to meet laboratory security precaution systems.