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Recalling earlier expos, Power Constantly plays a decisive role. Development of human civilization, and each and every time the productive forces, science and technologies revolution, are accompanied by energy ideas and technology innovation, also at the Expo can be found in the trace. Expo has witnessed the human capacity to conquer nature and powerful, but also are witnessing the relationship between human beings with the all-natural improvement of harmony and unity from the opposition to the procedure of alter.

These days, the tide of the global low carbon economy, as the 1st official presentation of the “Low Carbon Expo” will host the World Expo idea, long Huangpu River, Shanghai will be a unique notion and a revolutionary new low-carbon power and energy saving Technologies erecting a bridge to the future.

Change crisis into chance: energy technologies, the very first comprehensive assessment
1982 years, Expo has sounded the door to a little town in Tennessee, and the very first time the World Expo and directly linked with power.

Has lasted a number of decades in the face of worldwide energy shortages, combined with Knoxville Expo was a hot, place forward the “energy?? The driving force behind the globe” theme, the Expo organizers will attempt to power production, use , proposed the development and management responses.

Was the New York Times named “dirty town” of worthy of the “energy capital” of the title, sitting on the famous University of Tennessee Power Institute, the world’s biggest Appalachian coal and 29 hydropower stations, Oak Ridge in the course of World War II prime secret nuclear investigation base has turn into a effectively-recognized Museum of the American power. Knoxville Expo

greatest legacy is the “power economy” place forward. The Expo is the human energy technologies first extensive overview, also in 1973 and 1979, two energy crises of the response, in that the mere mention of age on energy, setting off a new technology and the new industrial revolution, brainstorming .

1851 World Expo at the first session of the steam engine on show triggered a sensation, also a human into a modern day society, the Crystal Palace was also exhibited in the process of coal mining, and devoting the arrival of a single piece of whole body 24 tons of massive coal. Sinclair at the 1933 Planet Expo in Chicago Oil Firm demonstrated the whole oil extraction and refining approach. Electric Age Expo from an open or even inadvertently mistake: the Planet Expo 1873 in Vienna, exhibit sometimes pick the wrong line to a DC Generator Fast turn up and in fact grow to be a motor! This directly contributed to a sensible motor, that is, the advent of the motor for the new electrified era started.

Expo accompanied by human beings, from the Industrial Revolution has come to the age of electricity, coal, oil, electrical energy and other energy fields results in every session of the Expo are essential, frequent new technologies.

, Nonetheless, bring a big improvement costs, is continuing lavishly accumulated millions of years of nature’s “sunshine can”?? Coal, oil, all-natural gas and other fossil fuels, till late will find this sort of power sum payment right after a hundred years. So, once more after the Planet Expo sights forward-searching alternative to fossil fuel energy.

1983 Expo in Chicago, the Hoover model shows the work station to control the river of human capacity and spirit, and dozens of enormous windmills lineup, then wind usually typical in the new Expo the United States in 1958, Brussels Expo exhibition nuclear energy plant, opened a new era of peaceful utilizes of atomic power effective photovoltaic cells in 1962 at the grand launch of the Planet Expo in Seattle, lighting up the bright future of solar power … …

Shanghai Expo: incubator of new energy revolution

Industrial civilization left to mankind is a devastated Earth, atmosphere and power crisis quietly lurking around us.