Indian Beliefs and Superstitions


Is there any 1 in the globe, whether or not he is Indian or European, who is totally totally free from superstitions? At one particular time or other, every a single should have been a victim of such a baseless conviction, even in this age of science and scientific pondering. But the difference is only in degree. Even though the Indian lives in the magic spell of superstition from birth to death, other individuals give in to them only now and then. 1 extremely essential purpose for any one particular to be a victim of superstition is the worry of failure or the anxiousness about the outcome. When we do not have the required self-confidence to meet a difficult predicament, when we cannot luck, we can’t but be ‘victims of superstitions beliefs. In those days when there have been no protected transport facilities, venturing out on lengthy journeys was a matter of life and death.

No wonder individuals tried to see a pattern in the way items took location in an apparently disordered manner and to discover out if that pattern had anything to do with journey they would be undertaking, whether or not it would be secure or not. Is not there order in nature – in every point that takes places, as if in answer to a mathematical formula? Short warm days and lengthy cold nights evening following night, and all of a sudden you awake to the cooling of an invisible cuckoo sitting in the mango grove near at your window and you discover that the spring has stealthily come. Does the bird herald the advent of the spring? The cooing of the bird and the arrival of the spring are undoubtedly two unconnected items, for all appearances, but doesn’t one bode the advent of the other? Possibly that is the way the dumb nature tries to communicate. And so if a cuckoo can announce the shape of items to come, why not a crow, snake or a dog? Certainly there is logic in it – logic in it – a plausible a single at that.

It was as a result an attempt to decode a dumb language which nature was believed to speak by way of. It must have been for a extended time a science primarily based on observation – a purely statistical science, which can’t be correct in every case. Even if the probability of success is 99, the outcome can nonetheless be otherwise. And likewise, these predictions could not be cent per cent appropriate. For that reason it is attainable a jackal on the proper side may possibly at times bring distress and disappointment.

Once more we notice, on the complete moon days and the new moon days, the sea surging up, like a distressed monster, waves increasing up like mountains on wings. If the power of the moon and the sun could be so considerably on the inanimate mindless matter, what about their influence on the fortunes of man?

And so astrology as well have to have begun as a statistical science based on observation. Thousands of horoscopes may possibly have been studied in relation to actual life scenarios and finally generalizations produced. And so, this as well can’t be an precise science where every little thing will answer a mathematical equation. Omissions and errors are usually anticipated. Every single sincere astrologer knows that it is only a sincere try to peep into the future which no man can divine certainly.

A topic which rested on systematic and scientific enquiry degenerated into a bundle of blind beliefs and baseless superstitions. When it could be taken as a type of warning that it requirements some added care and caution, it is taken for granted as an ill omen that portends doom and disaster or when there is no need for complacence or carelessness, an all is well feeling creeps in, the moment very good omen seems. Either way, it is stretching matters beyond the elastic limits. Merely since there is some thing that looks like a shadow, there is no want to resign in despair or jump in joy. Wisdom lies in treating them as mere visitors signals. We require to cease, look and proceed. Otherwise we will descend to the level of the notorious disciple of the excellent Paramanandaiah. When he was climbing up a tree he heard somebody sneeze, he remained there, neither moving up nor down, but clinging there like an insect. It is a pity that he did not know the mathematical axiom that two negatives make one constructive. Had he known that, he would have definitely reached the leading of the tree. But now that folks far more intelligent than him have introduced this principle there, two sneezes make one great omen and so do two Brahmins crossing someone’s way. But this not accurate in the case of widows. Regardless of whether it is one widow or two widows it portends misfortune, but whether or not it is in proportion to the quantity of widows is not however clear.

But, East and West meet on the same plank and share the exact same views with regards to ghosts. But as a rule the western ghosts are benevolent like the ghost of Hamlet’s father although the Indian ghosts are not. And each in India and Europe, there are old buildings and castles that are haunted, people that are possessed and ‘doctors’ that can drive the ghosts away. Once more there are men and women who have seen ghosts whose feet are twisted and who do not stroll on firm ground. Invariably ‘the ghosts’ are connected with men and women who died a violent premature death, whose affections were great and whose desires had been unfulfilled and the folks that are possessed are only those that had been accountable for such deaths or their kith and kin. If ghosts do not exist, is it the guilty conscience of such men and women that generate this shadow world? But then what about the good spirits like Ariel whom Sycorax imprisoned and Shakespear’s Prospero released?

Devil worship is also typical to both the eastern and the western. In India, it is not a effectively organized profession though there are person devil worshippers. But in the western nations, black magic and devil worship are secretly practiced by numerous who are members of international bodies that have their roots in Europe and America. There are secretaries and assistant secretaries, presidents and vice presidents. These devil worshippers do not hesitate to spill innocent blood in their worship of evil forces in order to acquire supernatural powers which they feel they will.

There is one more type of western superstition which is also connected with religion. It is witchcraft and witch hunting. Each ugly hunting old woman in rags was thought to be a witch. Men and women believed that if you place two twigs in the type of a cross, the witch would run away, frightened. They had and acid test to verify if one was a witch or not tie the suspect to a chair and immerse her in water if she died she was not a witch but if she did not, she was. They would then stone her to death.

No one will say that god is a superstition but there are, who would say that religion is. If a priest can hold communion with god, why not a person else? But if any person does, religion calls him a heretic and he is accomplished to death. If that is not superstition why Joan of Arc must die such a death is beyond imagination.