In The Pre-press Software Rip Output For the duration of A Handful of Precautions – Application Rip, Pre-press – Printing

tags Rising as the personal computer calculation speed, RIP interpretation algorithm and screening algorithms have been enhanced, so the interpretation of soft RIP speed of RIP has been difficult to compete with, or even more than tough-RIP, RIP plus computer software upgrades less complicated, being a lot more numerous customers.

HC printing network RIP is normally divided into hardware RIP (challenging RIP) and application RIP (soft RIP) two, there are combination of soft and challenging RIP. RIP is a tough reality, a dedicated computer, utilised to clarify the web page info software RIP is calculated by the software program to carry out the page, will explain a excellent record of info transmitted by means of a distinct interface card to Imagesetter Therefore, RIP application to set up on a pc. The computer continuously improve computing speed, RIP interpretation algorithm and screening algorithms have been improved, so the interpretation of soft RIP speed RIP has been tough to compete with, or even far more than hard-RIP, RIP plus computer software upgrades less complicated, by a lot more users Welcome.

RIP domestic use of a wide assortment of soft, often with Founder Century, RIP, Scitex’s Brisque RIP, Agfa Taipan RIP, Hua Kang DynaRIP, Linotype’s Delta RIP, Heidelberg The MetaDimension RIP, very good Union Kmscript RIP and Harlequin RIP (HQ).

Practice through pre-press and user feedback, I will RIP output may possibly take place when the soft issues are summarized below (mainly Founder Century RIP, Race and the angel of BrisqueRIP Heidelberg MetaDimensionRIP), hoping to engage in pre-press operate pals a small assist.

1.Illustrator strokes in the shape of the imprint in the definition of a custom post-save as EPS format, if chosen with the Founder RIP user-defined time stamping, embossing does not perform soon after the RIP.

2. Founder RIP in the user-defined embossed with the Black Edition does not pierced two possibilities are not allowed to operate simultaneously, the proposed document will be utilized all the settings are pre-set a great impression.

three. Massive-scale gradient or gradient colour is rather deep and layout, as with Founder RIP or MetaDimensionRIP output, Brisque RIP 70% to 100% variety of the network vulnerable to ladder.

4. Light background of the web page, such as C10% and Y30%, with BrisqueRIP output may well happen right after the big network of flower (moire), while the use of Founder RIP or MetaDimensionRIP output was greater.

5. The use of reside components MetaDimensionRIP output cable angle occasionally the same phenomenon, and most take place in several pages PageMaker Make-up when the document or file. Therefore, the installation can be MetaDimension upgrade to two.six.004 or later, to steer clear of related problems.

six. CorelDraw Right after the output file with MetaDimensionRIP often appears white line can be saved as graphics in CorelDraw Bitmap transit (must cautiously check the film) or the use of Founder RIP and BrisqueRIP output.

7.PDF file if other than English and Chinese text, choose the color separation proposed PS output. PDF files directly to the output language other than Chinese and English words have lost the phenomenon, it is best to use PDF MetaDimensionRIP and Brisque RIP output.