In Russia, a measles, rubella and mumps vaccine will be registered

In Russia, a measles, rubella and mumps vaccine will be registered

Russia’s first combined vaccine of domestic production, which protects against measles, rubella and mumps, has successfully passed clinical trials. Currently, either imported immunopreparations or monovalent vaccines are available in the country, creating immunity from only one disease (there is also a bivalent measles and mumps vaccine, an ineffective against rubella). The new facility was created within the framework of the import substitution course, and the producers of the product – Rostekh State Corporation – have already collected all the documents required for the registration procedure. In the market, a combined vaccine should appear in the next year.

The preparation contains live cultures of pathogens. They will be vaccinated by children at the age of one year and six. It is reported that in the trials the vaccine showed efficacy of 95-98%, while for children and adults it was safe enough. Perhaps, the creators of the drug will not be confined to the Russian market – in the opinion of Rostekh representatives, the vaccine can also be supplied abroad.

In total, according to statistics of Rospotrebnadzor in 2017, more than 4 thousand Russians got mumps, more than 700 – measles, and six people – rubella. During the first four months of 2018, more than 1,200 cases of mumps and 1100 cases of measles were recorded. Such a surge in incidence, according to experts, is associated with a large number of newcomers, who in turn are more likely to get measles, since their countries have seen a drop in the level of immunization (fewer people than needed are vaccinated on time).

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