In California, there were first digital numbers for cars

In California, there were first digital numbers for cars

On the roads of California there were cars with unusual numbers in the form of a digital panel on which drivers display various information.

The digital numbers use the same technologies as in the Kindle eBook readers, as well as the wireless communication system. Panels come with their own computer chips and power supply.

Drivers who decide to acquire such a number can register cars and display personal information if they receive the appropriate permission from the US Road Administration.

As the developers assure, in case of theft of the car, the electronic device will inform the owner of its location, or, at least, where the disconnected number is located.

California is the first state in which the pilot project is run-in. Last week in Sacramento, the first testing of a batch of 24 electronic numbers took place. However, innovation is unlikely to be affordable for everyone. In addition, there are still issues regarding confidentiality and security. It is expected that dealers will sell numbers for $ 699, not counting installation fees. Plus, you will have to pay monthly for using the number of another $ 7.

Some drivers are already not without reason, wondering whether government agencies, police or private companies can monitor the movement of drivers using the communication system used in electronic rooms.

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