Immigration Law and Business Enforcement Audits Considered


The federal government is cracking down on companies that hire illegal immigrants and they are auditing employer’s I-9s and paperwork to locate violations. In reality, they notified almost 1,000 organizations across the nation that their records will be audited, and also warned the companies of the stiff penalties if they did not fix the troubles.

The Obama Administration does not want immigration officials to “storm companies” although folks are working. Rather they would like to look at all the records. For these organization owners with a history of violating these laws they can anticipate stiff criminal penalties. The government has already went more than Social Security Numbers and notified numerous organizations that they are aware that the Social Security Numbers do not match, and the company needs to clean up their act.

One particular firm in Los Angeles that has over 10,000 workers, and was estimated obtaining about 15% of its function force as undocumented, possibly even illegal aliens operating there, which is what’s suspected. They now have 30 days to fix the difficulty or the owners will be place in jail, the firm closed, and very harsh penalties will be levied.

Some employers claim there are typographical errors on the forms, but the government stated “that’s no longer very good enough, and it really is not acceptable.” No doubt these are almost certainly excuses, as companies attempt to hide the truth that they hire illegal immigrants in order to pay reduce wages. and skip out on numerous taxes and charges.

Previously a business could basically say they did not know that they have been getting fake documents. But now the government is telling them that these are not genuine workers, and as a result these excuses no longer holds water. Organizations are referred to the e-verify program, and if they fail to use it there is no excuse.

Various Hispanic groups are protesting this action, but a lot of it is driven by unemployment for US citizens, and labor unions, which see the exploitation of illegal immigrants as a way to steer clear of paying living wages to union workers. Nevertheless, these who do not follow the immigration laws when hiring workers will most likely be thrown in jail the future. Please contemplate all this.