Ilona Mask told how humanity can survive the third world war

How humanity can survive the third world war

According to the famous businessman, engineer, inventor and head of the US company SpaceX Ilona Mask, humanity has only one chance to survive the third world war. People can survive if an inhabited station is built on the Moon or on Mars.

The inventor is sure that the earthlings must necessarily have another place, suitable for life, so that samples of civilization can be stored there in sufficient quantity. This will help in the future to revive humanity. That is why Musk notes the special importance of building such a station.

As you can see, the head of the company, who has already earned himself a billion-dollar fortune, is thinking about global problems while someone is just trying to find how to start selling on the Internet. But for someone and low sales can be a global problem, so its solution must be addressed in the shortest possible time.

The inventor is sure that while the best place for the construction of the station is Mars. This planet is quite far from the Earth, therefore even in case of critical cataclysms the chances of survival for the inhabitants of Mars will be much greater than those who would have settled on the Moon.

Ilona Mask hopes that it is necessary to build such stations and send people to them before the start of the third world war, so that humanity has a chance to revive.

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