Idea Albums-Past and Present – Comparison of Rush’s 2112 to Snakes and Arrows


Is the notion album a factor of the previous or is it still a living breathing entity that transcends time and can be applied universally in a broad range of conditions?

To answer this query let us take a appear at a classic instance and a single not so classic…Let us start our discussion with The Rush album 2112, which, in notion is about an oppressive futuristic society with priests at the helm controlling almost everything from the television shows that people watch to the songs heard and/or sung by the brotherhood of man. This idea sounds like George Orwell’s 1984 but is in fact based on Ayn Rand’s Anthem. When the character in this epic finds an ancient guitar (in Anthem it was an electric box), it symbolizes inventive freedom, and the need to have to express the God offered purpose of freewill and to develop as our Creator had intended. He confronts the “upper class” of priests and expresses his individuality by means of music. The priests in fear of loss of control throw the concept of sharing music back in his face as “a waste of time” and destructive. The character sadly meets his personal demise by determining soon after a spiritual journey with his elders that he can no longer exist in a globe of tyrannical energy.

“2112” was written in 1976 when Rush was becoming told by the record firm to shorten their songs and create a lot more industrial or radio friendly material. “2112” was a direct reflection of the 3 band members want for artistic sovereignty. Thirty one years later, in 2007, Rush came full circle with their release Snakes and Arrows which is about the oppressive energy that exists amongst the person and the myriad of beliefs that obscure the nature of spirituality. They depict a radical strategy to religion which is the destruction of mankind, once again ironic due to the fact this is opposite of God’s purpose for man to generate.

“Far Cry” is the 1st song on Snakes and Arrows. It tends to make reference to the intense Bible thumping Christians who bark in anger and speak in tongues. They indoctrinate, rather than let the youth steadily accept and uncover God and spirituality for themselves. This imbalance creates anger and uncertainty in faith and betrayal about religion. “Far Cry” also appears also at the opposite end of the spectrum with it is pagan reference to a full moon laying silver at your feet. “It’s a far cry from the planet we believed we’d inherit” certainly. Energy explodes into mass consciousness of confusion.

“Armor and Sword” elaborates on that confusion. The world a youngster inherits is frequently clouded by fear and superstition of snakes and arrows. Snakes represent evil in the planet and the arrows represent weapons employed in war. The song states that “No 1 gets to heaven without having a fight.” Our beliefs can occasionally shadow the true reality of a direct connection with God. This fear and superstition can lead to war and destruction as the intense radicals in the middle East Islam religion think it is their duty to remove those who do not believe as they do.

“The Way the Wind Blows” is an extension of the worry and superstition that exists among the Middle East versus the Middle West. We “pray and pass the ammunition” does not usually refer to carnal weapons but the ammunition of the tongue. Handle through the unfavorable energy that exists in propaganda and self-righteousness usually hinders the goal of mankind to advance peacefully in spiritual evolution.

“The Bigger Bowl” is the quest for equality in an unfair and unjust planet. The song uses a kind of poetry known as a pantoum(composed of a series of quatrains(4 lines of poetry) the second and fourth lines of every single stanza are repeated as the initial and third lines of the next.) It begs the query, if God is no respecter of persons then why are our fortunes and fates so diverse? Why do some folks reside in imagined fear and other people actually live behind iron gates? Why are some men and women born into chance and others will never see their way out of a restricted existence? The song concludes that “some are blessed and some are cursed” with “such a lot of pain on the earth.”

However, regardless of the discomfort, there is “Hope”, a song that has no words but uplifts the spirit with the melodic storytelling of Alex Lifeson. It’s open twelve-string guitar D-A-D-A-A-D tuning offers a optimistic message that speaks straight to the spirit in only the way music can. The song symbolizes the identical message that character in “2112” discovered by means of the discovery of a guitar. By way of our creative aspirations we can attain a correct connection with God that transcends religious boundaries.

Written by Lori Mortimore