I Have a Discipline Issue With a Teenage Daughter


If you are considering “I have a discipline difficulty with a teenage daughter” then I feel I might be able to help you out. I have a daughter who had a rough time by way of her teenage years and I helped her via it. I learnt some timeless parenting and relationship principles and applied them. So what are some of my best tips for those who are saying “I have a discipline difficulty with a teenage daughter?”.

Make the rules clear – A lot of parents will say some thing like “You know you have to do the yard work each Sunday” but they neglect that men and women forget rules! Make them extremely clear and so that the teenage daughter in query does not overlook. Sit down with her and choose some rules that you both feel are fair for each of you. This way you can stick them somewhere like the fridge door exactly where you each see them a number of times daily and they will be stuck in your mind which is where you want them.

Be constant in punishments – Most parents will punish their kid often which is a normal point to do. You have to set the rules in your property right? Effectively do you comply with by means of each single time. We usually get tired and “let them off” every so often. You can’t do this! It teaches the teenage daughter that she can at times get away with it so she will preserve becoming undisciplined. Be constant in punishments and rewards. Reward when you say you will and if you ever mess up, apologize.

Be the very best you can be – The ideal way to teach your teenager about discipline is to be a shining instance of it your self. When she sees you getting very good outcomes in your personal life with discipline she will start off to see the benefits. Plus, you cannot be saying “You need to have to be much more disciplined” when you are undisciplined your self, can you?