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tags The three-day “2009 International Forum on Asian and European water management project concluding conference” ended yesterday, by “Changsha Initiative.” The closing ceremony, the Deputy Director of Science and Technology Division of Hunan Province Liangqiu Song stated, the Xiangjiang River Valley extensive treatment will be incorporated into the scope of China’s major rivers governance is anticipated to invest 70 billion yuan in 2010, 2015, will invest 300 billion yuan.

Xiangjiang River has been shut down 564 polluting enterprises
2005, the EU officially launched the Asia-Europe practically 40 nations are participating in the European Union Sixth Framework project?? “Water Science and Technologies Asia-Europe Meeting Cooperation Platform “of the developing, and identified projects in Hunan Science and Technology Department as the overall coordination of the participating institutions in Asia side, the project implementation period is 4 years, combined with Hunan” four rivers and one particular lake “water characteristics in watershed management, water pollution manage, Flood handle and water management aspects connected to the implementation of policy.

According to the 2008, the province’s industrial wastewater discharge declined compared to 24.6% in 2005 industrial waste water discharge of chemical oxygen demand reduction of 19.three% compared to 2005 industrial wastewater ammonia, Oil Classes and the heavy metal emissions are decreased than in 2005.

2008 6 months, Hunan Province, decided three years invested 17.4 billion yuan Xiang River water pollution remediation. This year, the Xiangjiang River has been shut down 564 polluting enterprises, 59 enterprises in place within the specified period, 660 Papermaking Lowered to 207 firms, 69 centralized sewage remedy plant total investment six.04 billion yuan. Liangqiu Song introduced in June this year, the all round water high quality of the Xiangjiang River Valley is superb, 40 monitoring sections in the Grade I-III accounted for 92.five%, compared with 54.five% enhance more than the identical period in 2006. With the complete improvement of the Xiangjiang River Valley into the scope of China’s key rivers governance will not improve and reverse the Xiangjiang River pollution.

New round of investment 12.8 billion yuan in Dongting Lake Management
Dongting Lake as an important regulation and storage lakes and the Yangtze River, is a three seat of wetlands of international importance, is the key to international biodiversity conservation a single of the areas, also face the very same fate with the Xiangjiang River.

According to reports, by shutting down improvement and reform and increase, Yueyang Paper Mill Wastewater practically 45 million tons in emissions, the annual paper production capacity enhance of five million tons, an enhance of five times the tax paid almost 400 million yuan Changde City Paper Enterprise chemical oxygen demand reduction of 40,000 tons in total emissions, emissions reduction of 70.5% of the total, production capacity from 564,000 tons ahead of the renovation expanded to 798,000 tons Yiyang City paper organizations to minimize 90, created The total production capacity by practically 600,000 tons of paper, wastewater emissions and chemical oxygen demand reduction of 60 million tons, respectively, 20,000 tons. “Dongting Lake in 2008 a new round of remedy has began, the” lake management plan not too long ago implemented “has been demonstrated by evaluating a total investment of 12.8 billion.” Liangqiu Song mentioned.