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Adjacent to Shenzhen and Dongguan, Huizhou City, is undertaking the transfer of industries in created countries and regions, as properly as financial globalization, bridgehead
Fort, even though the Hui District is standing on top of a bridgehead in the forefront.

In recent years, Huizhou City has won the “national scientific and technological progress sophisticated Area”, “National science and technology demonstration region” and a quantity of honorary titles. 2005 worth of 35.422 billion yuan of production to full a total of 1.05 billion U.S. dollars export to total the tax revenue five.six billion. Textile and garment enterprises total annual production of a lot more than 250 million, of which men’s total annual production of 200 million, the annual production value of almost ten billion yuan. Men’s textile and garment business in certain, showed fantastic vitality and vigor has become an important textile sector in South China Plate and the area an essential pillar industries.

Huizhou City, “China Men’s City” reputation, primarily based on the strength of the city positive aspects of reform and opening up 20 years of development, so that advantages the city’s rise as the Pearl River Delta as a base of textile and garment business. In Hui City Qiaodong, Nishi, modest Jinkou and Jiangbei districts, gathering with a group of suit and shirt producers, Town of concentration in the water with a group of spinning, dyeing, fabric and components enterprises was concentrated at the MA Town a number of suits and T shirt makers. At the same time, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign renowned brands have set up in the city benefit big-scale production base.

Garment manufacturing industry led to the formation of nearby industry chain, and enhanced. At present, the Hui District has been formed that contains spinning, weaving, dyeing, accessories, accessories, design, production and advertising and many other hyperlinks, such as a really comprehensive industrial chain. There is strength in a number of textile and garment enterprises, already has the international advanced 3-dimensional automatic design, layout, cutting CAD technique, with France, Italy, Japan and other higher-grade shirts and suits the production line, setting machine, as effectively as air spinning, color automatic printing and dyeing and other production gear.

In truth, the rise of Huizhou Men’s industries, like the Chinese men’s a microcosm of the industrial development from the original “
3 to make up a “commission processing, up to now able to self-developed advertising and brand development. Huizhou is positioned in the Pearl River Delta has grow to be China’s men’s sector clusters tripartite balance of forces.