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tags HP New generation of information centers have a clear definition: primarily based on normal developing blocks, via the modular

Software 24 * 7 about the clock to obtain unattended computing environment, the establishment of IT solutions, provide chain.

HP adaptive infrastructure by means of Technologies Can assist businesses from the present high cost of IT information center island, not into the future to low-cost pool of IT assets. To this end, HP summarizes six important technical components, initial is the IT systems and solutions that are standardized, modular and scalable platform technology second energy supply and cooling, that is green computing third, concentrate on the integration management fourth, active safety fifth virtualization sixth is automated.

Common scalable platform Data center is now far more to the high density improvement. Blade

Server The advantage lies precisely to meet the wants of higher density, it can attain energy saving, hassle-free, strain, fine frugal objectives. Hewlett-Packard lately introduced the two combined in a blade server in the blade server.

Not just the server blades, including the network blade,

Storage Blade, and even Hewlett-Packard power systems can be integrated into the inside. In addition, the HP platform management system is really straightforward, and involves the management of virtualization.

Comprehensive and dynamic thermal energy In the green data center, HP has a comprehensive

Solutions From the low-energy processors, low energy memory, to the server and storage equipment, and then to the active cooling fan, and so forth.

Chassis Level energy saving technologies, InsightPowerManager power application management tools, all the way to Dynamic Intelligent Cooling power-saving technologies such as data center level, HP has a complete energy chain.

Where HP Dynamic Intelligent Cooling technology is outstanding revolutionary research outcomes of ten years, with installed racks on the heat

Sensor Actual-time environmental data collection and transfer of technologies and information center cooling equipment with dynamic interactive handle, HP Dynamic Intelligent Cooling technology is data center cooling costs by 15% to 40%, lessen carbon dioxide emissions.

HP in addition to the above items and technology to give a total service, but also for the data center hot zone mapping, data center assessment, data center services such as website preparation.

3 levels of safety policy Safety is a quite crucial aspect of the information center, HP is divided into 3 levels of security, security 1st, IT sources, like servers, networks, from hardware to software program must make certain system security. The second is data safety, storage, access to each and every device needs to be safe, not only like on the web information, but also off-line information is not in use. The third is the security of every user, security is not only a technical problem is also closely linked with the management method.

Unified infrastructure management Management is a really important aspect. High operation and maintenance charges and can not do with a high degree of centralized management is a big partnership, unified management of HP’s so stressed.

A uniform interface to handle the identical logic, a single administrator can manage hundreds of systems. In addition, the unified infrastructure management can also adopted standardized incident response strategies, to accomplish the goal to solve the difficulty speedily. SystemsInsightManager can handle all HP server and storage gear, thereby reducing the expense of data center computer software.

To virtual reality Introduction of the idea of virtualization, the most essential reason is to boost IT resource utilization. Since the user had when the procurement program are in accordance with the maximum load to obtain, but the actual resource utilization, according to statistics significantly less than 25%. Virtualization technology to use up sources can be considerable cost savings. According to actual statistics, we can achieve 70% power consumption savings, the original hundreds of servers, now only a handful of units suffice. There are numerous benefits of virtualization, the first is to reduce fees, improve method flexibility is the second and third is to upgrade the good quality of service.

HP virtualization system is extensive, from the desktop to the server has been, to the entire data center and eventually attain enterprise-class IT shared services objectives. HP is not just the server virtualization technologies virtualization technologies are primarily based on electrical isolation, to the CPU resources. Now not only servers, but also storage network, the energy need to take the persistence management.

To-end automated service In traditional information centers, equipment failure occurred, typically can not quickly find, require manpower to verify on this to the complete data center operation and upkeep brings complexity. If there are tens of thousands of units of the server, the user had to employ many men and women to manage such devices, resulting in enhanced expenses.

Dilemma happens since there is no automated administration. Hewlett-Packard to provide automated applications consist of terminal automation, network automation, automation and storage automation server four.

All the operation and upkeep, management, and adjust approaches are created effectively in advance, with the occasion method can automatically respond. HP anticipated future unmanned information center that have to be extremely powerful automation technologies.

HP data center transformation that has four essential areas: energy and space efficiency, company continuity and high availability, data center automation, information center consolidation. According to these 4 aspects, HP will be the development of subsequent-generation information center is defined as 5 stages: independent separated, standardized, optimized, service-oriented, adaptive shared infrastructure.