How warm and take the clothing were both thin


In the winter, how to dress nice and warm is a science, the decision of Moncler outlet clothes colour and style, with especially essential.


The same style, was thin dark than light-colored clothing is the law of aesthetics, so the option is not appropriate in winter white, apricot and other color than light clothing, material and style as winter gives the impression that had quite thick, particularly is heavier than the women’s winter put on light colors will have far more bloated.


Stylist recommends the greatest decision of Moncler coats in winter, black, dark red and other darker garments, simply because dark colors give the feeling of a lot more “stable”, particularly the black this timeless and wild color, energy and your closet Most of the outfits, the most crucial is that black people had been returned to thin the visual effects.


Fang Wei told reporters that members of the public, their winter garments are all black, dark brown, dark green, darker garments, to make her clothing the colour of dress would not be as well boring, Wei Fang accessories usually take some little mind, Choose a jumping colorful scarf, bag, belt and other accessories do embellishment, the dress appears fashionable and slimmer.


Some of the beauty of women prefer short skirts in the winter only, they consider that will not only appear Tuicu pants, but will lose the dress sense of fashion. In addition to cold outside to put on leggings, a extended section of a warm Moncler outlet jacket is crucial. Specifically for ladies who are taller, much more desirable slim lengthy coat.


With the outdoors of the skirt has a waist length coat effect the greatest choice for style, and now most of the coat is equipped with a belt to tighten the dress, right after which numerous will not even appear bloated.


Winter clothing must be warm and individual, not only appears thick needle to knit, and take the air is not warm, relaxed style will make folks look fat.