How To Prepare A Wooden Floor For Painting

tags It doesn’t matter what floor you are organizing to paint, each and every floor needs some type of preparation which will ensure that the paint can be applied with easy and give your floor the perfect finish. This article will offer you with guidelines on how to prepare your wooden floor just before you can apply a finish.

Wooden floors give your property that particular look but sustaining them against the wears and tears more than the years can be a hard process. Just since you never have any specialist expertise of painting floors, doesn’t imply you can’t do this job yourself, without having the help of experts. All you need to do is adhere to the guide described in this post to make sure that your wooden floor is completely prepared for the paint.

1.The extremely first items you want to do are knock in any raised nails and repair any loose or broken boards.

2.Once you have cleaned the floor and fixed all the damages, you will commence to notice the holes and imperfections in the floor. You will need to have wood filler to fill these cracks or holes in the floor. Application of wood filler is pretty simple as it can be employed straight from the pack. As soon as you fill the cracks and holes with the filler, you will require to smooth the holes off by removing any excess.

three.The most critical step for preparing the floor further is to sand it. Once you have filled the cracks with a wood filler, it will need sanding. Eliminate all current coatings by utilizing a floor sanding machine. Begin with a course grade and finish with a firm grade of paper. Do not use anything less than 120 grade.

four.As soon as you are accomplished with the approach of sanding, you should permit the dust to settle and then vacuum the floor.

5.Following vacuuming, wipe the floor with white spirit, and make certain you leave it to dry before applying your finish.

Now you know how to prepare your wooden floor ahead of you can go ahead and apply your finish of decision.