How to increase the shelf life of avocado: an edible shell from Apeel Sciences

How to increase the shelf life of avocado: an edible shell from Apeel Sciences

How to increase the shelf life of avocado: an edible shell from Apeel Sciences

We, like many publications about health and beauty, constantly write about the extreme usefulness of avocados . And it’s not just words: scientists have long found out that this fruit, more like a vegetable, due to the content of exceptionally healthy fats in it, will perfectly fit into any, even the most severe (although with them – hopefully you remember – it’s important to be more careful ) diet.

But with a mass of bonuses, the avocado has one problem – a short shelf life. By the time he gets on the shelf of the store, he remains about a week. A fairly high price per piece is also explained by the difficulties of delivery and storage. The good news is that Apeel Sciences specialists may have found a solution.

Business Insider reports that the startup invented an edible coating, which, as shown by laboratory testing, can increase the shelf life of avocados by half. However, it would be wrong to say that until the miracle of avocado can be found only in closed laboratories. The testing of the product has already started on the shelves of supermarkets Costco and Harps Food Stores in California. And this, by the way, the first time that Apeel Sciences, several years developing “innovative” vegetables and fruits , managed to sell its products.

But what is this cover? It is known that the edible shell is made from vegetable “non-liquid” (from pear stems and grape skins to ordinary grass), but acts as a barrier to slow down the decay process. After the shell dries up (the principle moment: it needs to be sprayed), it stops passing moisture and natural gases, such as oxygen and ethylene, which accelerate the maturation of the avocado. But representatives of the company note that the formula differs depending on what kind of fruit or vegetable in question.

“Previously, to improve the quality of products during transportation and storage , cooling was used . But you lose the benefits of cooling when avocados are on the shelf of the store or on the kitchen table, “says James Rogers, CEO of Apeel Sciences. – With the help of our new technology it turns out to significantly reduce the speed with which the avocado ripens. And, as a consequence, increase the period of its validity. “

In 2017, the company received permission to use the coating on organic products, so the expansion of the product range with a higher shelf life is only a matter of time. However, since last year, some farms have been able to purchase Apeel products, which are offered to spray on the avocados during the cleaning cycle, before the fruits are sorted and packaged .

It is reported that now the company is working on a second similar product called Invisipeel, which will be designed already to protect against insects . About him, however, nothing else is known – but we promise to follow the developments closely.

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