How to get in: Application Engineer (education, degree, and resume)

How to get in: Computer software Engineer (education, degree, and resume)

I talk about how to get your first job as a software engineer, and what sort of educational background you might want (undergraduate vs graduate vs bootcamps vs self-taught). I also give my opinion on whether or not GPA matters, as nicely as go over resume ideas.

BTW, I found some added data later on! 1st, the “Carnegie effect” seems to just be sampling bias – I discovered that of the total nmber of computer software engineers, Apple and Amazon were just 4% from that school. So, yeah I’m not sure why I kept seeing Carnegie Mellon popping up. (Search term is “carnegie firm:apple title:software program engineer”]).

I also noticed Amazon had employed six software program engineers (out of 2122) from Hack Reactor in the SF Bay Region.

The search tool can also be used to figure out what kind of people turn into “Directors.” In my casual search, I noticed a lot of MBAs from prime-tier schools — which created me believe, possibly I need to go back and grab an MBA myself!

For those looking to turn out to be “Information Scientists” or other professions, this can also assist you figure out frequent educational backgrounds. (I found numerous MS/PhDs in statistics, but it might depend on especially what you happen to be searching for.)

In any case, I certainly suggest attempting out the LinkedIn search tool — maybe check out how your favourite college/bootcamp measures up against other schools, choose if you want to grab a MS, or exactly where you might want to concentrate efforts for your own development.

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