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tags School dormitory now, there are often two network lines: ADSL and Campus Network . ADSL, speed of network speed, appropriate for playing on-line games, the evening will not be broken network and Campus Network Can Pay a visit to School resources, use of FTP, BT speed. We previously usually when playing on the internet games bedroom Router Connected to the ADSL network lines, and access to school sources and back to the campus cable network. But I do not know any other way to double share it?

In truth, just use two routers and a small set, you can make the bedroom Laptop In the Net automatically, select actual-time line, no longer need to manually buddies.

System adopted by the two routers WAN port to connect ADSL and campus networks, respectively, and the other with a network cable to connect two routers had been a LAN port, and the rest of the LAN port can be utilized to connect computer systems, the following describes how to configure the two routers (with TP-LinkSOHO router, for instance, set the approach similar to other brands).

Very first configure the router A (connected ADSL). In the Web management interface, “WAND settings” choose “PPPOE” connection, and enter the ADSL username and password. In the “LANI ~ Set” IP address will be set to “”, subnet mask set to “255.255.255.”. In the “DHCP Solutions” DHCP enabled Server The other can maintain the default settings.

Then configure the router B (to connect the campus network). The basic campus network making use of fixed IP addresses, the allocation info in the register when the campus network access. In the “WAND settings” pick “Static IP”, create the appropriate IP address, subnet mask and gateway. In the “LAN port settings” in the IP address set to “”, subnet mask set to “255.255.255.”. Considering that the router A has opened the DHCP service, so close to the router B, the service, or the bedroom laptop access network, get IP addresses will generate **. Note that the campus network might bind the network card MAC address, when the campus network if the registration was submitted in a computer’s MAC address, it ought to be in the router’s “MAC address clone” feature to fill the registration of IP addresses, order to work correctly.

Final key step is to modify the computer’s routing table file. ** Comparatively little network segment, you can access. Such as “162.105..” is the ** net a network segment, in the “Commence”, “procedures”, “attachment” to select “Command Prompt” window, variety “route-padd162.105..0mask255.255.. 0192.168.1.254 “, in this way every single network segment will be added ** to the computer’s routing table file, or batch file created to facilitate changes to multiple computer systems. Now, those who visit the campus internet site of packets will be sent according to the routing table “” (or router B), other data packets were sent to default gateway “”, (ie router A), laptop access to the Web automatically choose the line function is full.

Ultimate effect is that whilst we can readily play online games, while higher-speed log college FTPN5QBT website to download. Qualified students can attempt this program will undoubtedly give you satisfaction.