How to behave on the first date to ensure the second in psychology

How to behave on the first date to ensure the second

Psychology in dating behavior

The first date is a wonderful and exciting event. But, let’s be frank, more all the same exciting, than beautiful. This is a hassle in the process of preparation, and the fear of being late (and, perhaps, coming much earlier), accompanied by a fear that another person will not come at all, and awkwardness, too long pauses in the conversation, and the inability to completely relax, and much more.

Will there be a second date after the first? The question is rhetorical. It all depends on how you fit together. And besides, according to psychologists, on how skillfully you will use your opportunities. In this material – recommendations that will help make a second appointment more likely, even if at first not all or almost everything went wrong, as you planned.

Experts at The School of Life explain that seduction in the broadest sense is an awakening of the reciprocal interest of a person who is interesting to you. In order to master the art of seduction, you need to do only two things: to establish relationships with yourself and show your sincere interest in the inner qualities of the interlocutor.

So, you should start with the first one. A man who, as they say, is at odds with himself, knows his strengths and weaknesses well. That is why he does not see anything terrible in his weaknesses, and therefore he does not consider it necessary to hide them. Polls from The School of Life showed that the situation when a person confesses “extremely tempting” looks like: “You know, I’m a little nervous, but it’s only because I really like you.” Sincerely? Oh yeah. But, in addition to this, it is also witty.

The second point – the interest is not external, but internal. Experts in the field of psychology of relations do not advise to “climb into the soul” to the interlocutor, especially if you do not know each other well enough yet. Maybe someone will like it, but most people will push it away, forcing it to close in its shell, so that there will be no effective communication.

It’s another matter, when after a story about the traumatic experience that a person had to face, you will say: “I do not know how hard it was for you at that moment. But it’s great that you managed to cope with this. ” Thus, the interlocutor will understand that you are really interested in all that has happened to him and is happening. And this is a step on the way to something bigger.

In conclusion, note: keep these tips in mind, but do not follow them rigorously. Why? A 2006 study, cited by the Medical Daily, showed that people who before the first visit studied “successful scenarios” and tried not to deviate from them, were less likely to make a positive impression. Because the main principle of a successful meeting is simple, like all ingenious – remain yourself.

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