How is this possible: a burger with a tarantula

How is this possible: a burger with a tarantula

How is this possible: a burger with a tarantula

In April 2018 in Durham, a town in southeastern North Carolina, the most common bar diversified its menu in a very unexpected way. In addition to the classic assortment of additives, including cheese, pickled cucumbers and fresh tomatoes, lettuce leaves, fried bacon, mustard and ketchup, one of the burgers began to add … tarantula.

According to Live Science, in Tarantula Burger, which is prepared and served exclusively in the institution called Bull City Burger and Brewery, includes beef farm, spicy chili sauce, gruyere cheese and fried tarantula (the place of extraction of which, by the way, is not indicated in the menu) . And, where without them, a pair of freshly baked rolls.

However, if you thought that you can just come to Durham, find a bar and buy an original burger, then you are mistaken. Because with such a dish, the founders of the institution decided, everything should not be so simple. Obviously, this led them to the idea of ??the Challenge Tarantula 2018, where anyone can buy a lottery ticket on the Bull City Burger and Brewery website and, if lucky, win the opportunity to try a miracle burger with a tarantula.

It is known that the winner is selected every day, after which he has exactly 48 hours to contact the restaurant and designate the time in which it will be most convenient for him to come for the “prize”.

Tarantula Challenge is part of the Exotic Meat Month, which the restaurant arranges every year in April. At this time, the chefs of the institution offer their permanent and not so customers “to feel anything like taste, often quite normal for other cultures.” In addition to the tarantula, guests of the bar are available burgers with meat of wild boar, alligator, ostrich and reindeer. However, this is only the beginning of the list.

When it seems that the tarantula decorating the burger is the strangest thing the institution is ready to offer, the Bull City Burger and Brewery is again surprised. So, on April 9, they served a burger with camel meat, decorated with farm cheese and cactus caramelized in citrus sauce, on April 10 they surprised curry from python, and on April 13 – with rabbit meatballs, which, against the background of all of the above, seems to be the height of conservatism.

Most of the special menu items are available to everyone in the framework of the principle “who first came, he first got it.” Most – but not a burger with a tarantula, which only gets lucky lottery winners for these gourmets.

But can the tarantula boast an impressive taste? This issue, ready to argue, worries not only us, but also those who decided to participate in the food lottery.

“People say that this is the most delicious burger, and the tarantula itself, they said, is similar to a crab or other mollusks, but with a slight metallic taste,” the representatives of the restaurant write on this occasion on Twitter. Without revealing all the secrets, they hint that there are quite subtle differences in tastes that can be detected eating different parts of the body of arachnids. And add that the best way to find out whether it is edible or not is just to try.

Dirty Fries writes that the cost of Burger Tarantula at the moment (and until the end of the action) is $ 30. However, in spite of the fact that the Challenge Tarantula 2018 should officially end at the end of April, the bar assures that while there are people willing and while supplies are possible, they will not “turn the bench”.

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